You want a piece of statement jewellery. And not just any piece of statement jewellery, but something truly unique that says something about you.

If high street jewellery shops make you feel like you’re conforming, you’re just part of the crowd, what is the solution?

At Rosie Odette, I tell your story in your jewellery. I make jewellery that empowers, connects, and that has meaning to you. I make it personal. I believe that your jewellery should be a part of you. Worn to remind you of who you are, where you come from and what you’ve come through.

Jewellery that makes you stand out from the crowd, look beautiful and step into your power.

If you want to feel empowered wearing exquisite jewellery that perfectly symbolises you, then let’s talk about how I can help create the perfect piece for you.


Book your Zoom consultation today and express yourself with a piece of bespoke Rosie Odette jewellery that is a part of you!


“From concept, to design and creation, Rosie had an unerring sense of what I was trying to convey. Guiding me through what would work to bring my ring to life. The design experience itself was as important as the beautiful rings and Phoebe and I treasure these as unique pieces of art.”




The Amethyst Queen cocktail ring regal collection

Here she is. The Amethyst Queen Cocktail Ring in all her purple glory! Ready for her new owner Natalie Collins. Read More

The healing queen for emma

My latest bespoke creation. Following the historical tradition of kings, priests and healers.. Read More

The healing queen pink sapphire and chrysoberyl ring

I absolutely loved making this ring, especially back in the Mother Land of where my jewellery business was born. And one of my first ever designs, the ever popular Healing Queen ring from Regal Collection. Read More

A Ring For Stassia

I had the honour of making this stunning ring as a surprise40th gift for Stassia. Her husband Tom came to me to ask if we could make his wife something truly special. Read More

A Ring for Cat

Our Canary Queen Cocktail Ring Regal Collection handmade in yellow gold. A limited edition design. Read more

Stunning Bespoke Warrior Cuff For Melissa

I met Melissa at Babylon Beach Boutique in Ibiza. She fell in love with the Warrior Collection and requested an arm cuff to be made to her specifications. Read More

Egyptian Princess Snake Ring

The Regal Collection is a cocktail ring collection about stepping into your highest self. Read More

Bespoke Queen Ring for Xeni's Birthday

Xeni rocking her 40th birthday ring gift to herself. I make jewellery for Queens. That’s what I love to do. Get you ladies rocking your rocks... Read More

Green Amethyst Queen Cocktail Ring

Basking in all of her glory, I absolutely loved making this latest bespoke ring for a true queen, Read More

A Ring For Emma

Following the historical tradition of kings, priests and healers, The Healing Queen cocktail ring... Read More

Queen of Crowns

Our latest Rosie Odette bespoke piece, one of my favourite designs. The Queen Of Crowns. Read More

Odette Ruby & Emerald Ring for Linda

No filter on these ruby beauties. I have just had this ruby hand cut from the rough in India. Very special indeed. She has arrived just how I want her. Read More

A Ring for Phoebe’s 21st Birthday

This latest commission holds a very close place to my heart. A good friend and client wanted to have a ring made for her niece Phoebe's 21st birthday. Read More

A Little Weird

I really enjoyed making this ring. But, what I particularly loved about making this ring is that my very lovely client, Sue, specifically asked for something special, and in her words ‘weird’. Read More

A Well Travelled Gem

I love the story of this ring. Every part of her has travelled the globe. Her gemstones were sourced in India by yours truly, I made her in the U.K and then she was personally delivered all the way to Australia. Read More

Champagne Diamond Lotus Pendant

Beautiful, vintage-style pendant, set with a half carat champagne diamond in a lotus-style rose gold cup. I personally sourced this diamond on my last gem hunt in Jaipur. Read More

The Half Lotus Pendant

The Half Lotus Pendant. I absolutely adore this pendant. I especially made this design for my sister's 40th. A beautiful piece of understated bling for her special birthday. Read More

Emerald Pendant

I am always making jewellery for women. Which of course I love, and I love the stories of empowerment that go into each piece even more. Read More

Gold Ruby Ring

Stunning Bespoke Rosie Odette Ruby Ring, ready for her new owner. Handmade in 18 carat yellow gold, I sourced this beautiful ruby in India. Ruby is July's birthstone and the... Read More

Jolene's Butterfly Pendant

Bespoke Hand Carved Bi-Colour Tourmaline Butterfly Wings. Hand carved and ready to set in a stunning pendant of rose gold. Jolene wanted to gift herself, marking forty years Read More