A Ring For Stassia

I had the honour of making this stunning ring as a surprise 40th gift for Stassia.

Her husband Tom came to me to ask if we could make his wife a really special ring to last her a lifetime, but also a ring that would celebrate her and the love that they share into eternity. After a lot of discussion about what both felt Stassia would love, he chose the Healing Queen Ring from Regal Collection. A collection I created to celebrate women in all of their regal power and glory.

I sourced Tom a stunning one carat, champagne diamond. I personally love and celebrate champagne diamonds whenever I can. They hold unique inclusions that excuse this stunning, vintage caramel fire. Without these inclusions, you don’t get this unique beauty that you see in this gemstone. To me, we are the champagne diamonds. Just how you look at this exquisite diamond and see how beautiful it is, her flaws and all, is exactly how we should see, embrace and celebrate ourselves.

I originally made this ring for the index finger. My inspiration for this follows the historical tradition of kings, priests and healers, who all wore rings on their index fingers, as this finger was thought to be especially powerful and healing for the wearer. Et voilà, The Healing Queen Ring was born.

Handcrafted in rose gold, The Healing Queen holds two of the world’s most precious and powerful gemstones. Rubies encourage you to love yourself, connect to your heart and follow your bliss, reminding you that you are a precious being made from pure love. Rubies transformative power will help you recognise the beautiful being within.

Diamonds are forged in the earth's crust the longest. It takes 3.5 billions for Mother Earth to make one. Because diamonds have absorbed the earth's energy the longest, many light healers use diamonds for powerful healing.

Diamonds activate the crown chakra, clear the fog from your mind and your heart and help you discern obstructions to be avoided on your own journey to enlightenment. An energetic force of accumulation, she’ll help you manifest abundance in all areas of your life.

Of course Stassia absolutely loves her ring. She had no idea that her husband Tom was toiling away in secrecy choosing the best ring with the best gemstones that would perfectly suit Stassia’s taste.

Stassia wears the Healing Queen Ring on her finger every day.

Well done Tom.