Bespoke Engagement Rings



Are you still searching for the perfect engagement ring but you just can’t put your finger on it? You want something truly unique. A ring that you chose yourself, not just a ring that you chose off the shelf.

I believe an engagement ring is made for two and take great care to make sure you have the perfect ring with your personal touch.

At Rosie Odette I specialise in making engagement rings that are a part of both of you. Alternative unique engagement rings which tells your story.

Together we will create a stunning ring that will truly be unique, last a lifetime and that will symbolise your true love forever.


Tell your story. Book your Zoom Consultation and let’s make your perfect engagement ring.


Be Inspired


A Redesign of Pip's Grandmother's Engagement Ring

One of our favourite redesigns at Rosie Odette, from a precious family heirloom. Pip’s grandmother's engagement ring. Read More

Kirsty's Platinum & Diamond Wedding Band

What a joy it was to make Kirsty's wedding band! The whole process was so easy, part online and part face to face. Read More

Well Done Me

Made for a very special client. We named it the ‘Well Done Me’ ring. Combined with it being her engagement ring. This very special lady really wanted to honour her incredible achievements. Read More

No Filter Required

No filter on these Ruby beauties. I have just had this ruby hand cut from the rough in India. Very special indeed. She has arrived just how I want her. Read More

A Rose Gold Halo

We love a secret proposal at Rosie Odette. Chris contacted me after I had made a ring for his Mother a few years back. He loved her design so much he came to me to have a special engagement ring made for him to ‘surprise propose’ to his girlfriend. Read Me

A Natural Beauty

There is no filter on this beauty of a gem. Just a natural turquoise from Arizona, doing her sky blue, bling thing, sat on my work bench in the natural sunshine. Read More

Emma's Emerald Queen

Another secret proposal engagement ring. My favourite kind of ring and story at Rosie Odette. Andrew did an amazing job choosing this electric green, brilliant cut Emerald for Emma.  Read More

Peridot Empress Ring

Bold and beautiful. One of our favourite designs from our Regal Collection, The Peridot Empress. An engagement ring for a woman who knows her own mind. Read Read More

A Secret Engagement

This beauty is handmade made from 18 carat rose gold, set with a stunning Rutile Quartz and six glistening champagne diamonds. Read More

Cleopatra Snake Ring

“This Cleopatra snake ring personally means so much to me. It is hand crafted with love and truly picked me, prompting our marriage proposal. The detail and quality are stunning.... Read More

JJ's Wedding Bands

Jewellery that opens our hearts. We both knew what our deep emotions were telling us. A timeless set of simple but beautiful wedding bands that meant more to us than... Read More

Such a Beautiful Surprise

"My boyfriend of 5 years finally put a ring on it. I think he knew that any old shop bought ring just wouldn’t do, and knew of Rosie through a mutual friend." Read More

Odette for Emily

“I was over the moon when my husband proposed to me with my beautiful engagement ring made by Rosie. I'm a huge fan of rubies, emeralds and gold as well as Africa and India from where the stones are sourced." Read More

When Helen Met Johnny Wedding Bands

When Helen Met Jonny Wedding Bands Two beautiful hand-crafted wedding bands. Ruby is a gemstone well known for love. We hand-carved their initials on each side of the ruby inside... Read more

Gold, Dusty Pink Tourmaline & Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring

Hand carved from wax and cast in 18 carat yellow gold, this pink tourmaline and champagne diamond engagement ring is just exquisite. Sixteen glistening champagne diamonds surround this beautiful deep pink, pear shape tourmaline. Read More

A Timeless Engagement

“Once we both knew how we both wanted our true love set in stones, Rosie created exactly in her gifted skills a timeless set of aesthetically personalised rings.." Read More

Stunning Hers and Hers Engagement Rings

Stunning, vintage-style 'Her's & Her's' engagement rings. I thoroughly enjoyed making these exquisite beauties. I am a huge fan of grey and brown diamonds. They give an understated, vintage-style and glamour that you only really find in antique jewellery. Read More

An Engagement Bracelet

I had the honour of making Martins engagement bracelet, guided by Kevin's vision to create a precious, ancient yet contemporary looking coin, set with grey and blue diamonds. Read More

Panther Head Engagement Ring

I absolutely adore this ring. One of my favourite hand-carvings so far. Art Deco-Style Panther Ring. Read Read more

77 Gemstone Halo Engagement Ring

What an honour to make such an exquisite engagement ring indeed.77 gemstones of champagne diamonds, ruby and amethyst. Set in a halo crown of 18 carat rose gold.

“I always loved the idea of designing an engagement ring and thrilled I got the opportunity to do this for myself and my partner. I wanted the rings to be bespoke and a matching pair but for each of them to also have their own personal touches. Rosie Odette was fantastic at guiding me (a complete novice) through the process.”


“I was over the moon when my husband proposed to me with my beautiful engagement ring made by Rosie. I'm a huge fan of rubies, emeralds and gold as well as Africa and India from where the stones are sourced. I literally feel like a queen wearing this antique style, unique and timeless piece. I've had so many lovely comments from friends and complete strangers on how beautiful the ring is. It is very precious to me.”