A Ring for Phoebe’s 21st Birthday

This latest commission holds a very close place to my heart. A good friend and client wanted to have a ring made for her niece Phoebe's 21st birthday.

Jewellery is truly symbolic and sentimental and my client's desire and intentions to have this ring made I found really inspiring. Here is the letter I wrote to Phoebe on behalf of my client's heart and vision for her niece.

For Phoebe

Beautifully thought out, designed and created with Sue, this antique-style yet contemporary ring features a stunning 4.3 carat cabochon cut, natural peridot gemstone, set in a crown of 18 carat yellow gold.

Many different gemstones can be found in meteorites that have fallen to earth, but peridot is the only one found in a large enough size to make jewellery from. That is how rare and precious you are and your mission is in this world.

The golden ferns represent your young and vibrant life in the world about to unfold into magical things. The cabochon cut ‘globe’ represents the world and the footprints that you will leave.

The electric green of peridot represents the power and influence of your youth. Fresh, new shoots of your life are about to unfurl and spread wings.

Peridot is believed to enhance confidence, assist you in seeing your brilliance and recognise that you are deserving of love. An invigorating and rejuvenating gemstone, peridot connects you to your higher vision, purpose and true joy.

Keep this ring safe but most importantly as a reminder of the wonder and beauty of your own life and the wonder and beauty that your life will create in this world.