Odette Ruby & Emerald Ring for Linda

No filter on these ruby beauties. I have just had this ruby hand cut from the rough in India. Very special indeed.

She has arrived just how I want her. Pink and fresh from the ground. I love precious treasure with a story and a whole journey that has goes into making a piece. 

Ruby is the heart chakra and a really healing stone. A stone of courage, passion and love. Emerald is about your truth, integrity and true love.

A lovely combination of healing stones to wear on your finger. I wear my Odette on my finger every day. Wedding finger actually. Meh. My finger right?

The Odette was inspired by an emerald ring my Nan, Odette, left me. I found a ruby in India many moons ago and decided to combine a piece of my Nan with a piece of me and the Odette was born. Still the firm favourite to this day.

I find that anything that comes from heart, resonates with another’s heart. It’s a universal truth.

For me this is what creativity is about. Touching each other’s lives. We are all here to move each other in some way and to contribute to each other’s happiness.

Don’t think about it too much. Just feel it and then create it. Courage. That’s all we ever need.

I cannot wait to try this on Linda’s finger!