The Queen of Crowns

Our latest Rosie Odette bespoke piece, one of my favourite designs. The Queen Of Crowns.

This stunning ring is set with an exquisite 14 carat star ruby, set in a crown of rose gold.

A limited edition piece, this gem I personally sourced on one of my gem hunts in Jaipur. She is such a natural beauty. Bold, elegant, strong. My kind of woman. Displaying her rouge pigment and six ray star which comes out in the natural sunlight. This piece is for a beautiful girl called Ruby, a special 25th birthday gift. Perfect. A Queen for a Queen. Star rubies were once worn by knights on the battlefield to protect them from their foe. Star rubies are super powerful gemstones, most powerful at full moon. A beautiful, powerful rock that enables the wearer to see the true value of their life, the abundance of life and personal, spiritual awakening.