A Ring for Cat

Our Canary Queen Cocktail Ring Regal Collection handmade in yellow gold. A limited edition design.

The quartz has been hand cut in Jaipur, sourced and design by me. This is also the original design of the first ring I ever made. A design super close to my heart.

Cat came to me wanting to buy a ring for her. A ring that told her story, a ring that celebrated her in all of her female beauty and a ring that symbolised exactly where she was headed. Facing quite a bit of adversity at the time, naturally she chose the crystal and ring design that spoke to her and where she was at.

The Regal Collection is about women stepping up and into their ‘Queen’. Their worthiness, their greatness. Not all of us feel like that a lot of the time. Which is exactly why I created this collection for women.

I am a great believer that we gravitate to what we need in life. This is the universal rule of crystals. They find you, just like a soulmate does. And if it’s meant to be, it is going to happen and that rock will be on your finger whether you planned for that gem to be or not.

For me, this process has been spot on every time.

As Cat travels along her own journey of transformation, she happened to gravitate to Yellow Quartz.

The colour Yellow relates to self-worth. How we feel about ourselves and feel we are perceived by others.

Yellow is also the colour of the Solar Plexus. Which also relates to self-worth. Often if this is out of balance, we can attract an environment where we are not appreciated, valued or respected. We feel in 'lack' and not loved enough by ourselves, just as we are.

Yellow Quartz also relates to self-worth. She will help you come out of masculine energy and stop you doing everything for everyone and help let you believe that things can come to you.

She’s a gem evolving you into feminine energy.

Like a blossoming flower, she attracts abundance without having to actually move anywhere. 
She just blossoms into her beautiful self, naturally attracting the birds and the bees.

The secret – the flower knows she is beautiful and worthy of great things naturally coming to her.

Yellow Quartz is also a Seeker Transformer Crystal. Something I recently discovered. Ultimately this means she is a rock about creating great change. Paradigm shifts that we all need to make inside if we wish to transform our outer world.

This beautiful ring and rock, that rocked her way into Cat’s life and onto her finger.