Jolene Butterfly Necklace

Bespoke Hand Carved Bi-Colour Tourmaline Butterfly Wings. Hand carved and ready to set in a stunning pendant of rose gold.

Jolene wanted to gift herself, marking forty years of her precious life on this planet. A celebration of her life and the transformation of what Jolene is to become. After all, life does begin at 40.

For me the magical and transformational process from the cocoon to the magnificent butterfly signifies our very own personal revolution of our minds, spirits, hearts.

The spiritual ‘navigators’ of our lives aligning to help us grow into our best selves.

At times this can be a challenging process, shedding the old so we can set ourselves free.

Do we want to let go of the old ? The ‘uncomfortable comfort zone’ of our smaller selves. Disbelieving and lacking in courage.

The dark ‘cocoon’ where we can all hide in safety. Are we scared of the light and what is really possible ?

For me, I look at the cocoon and the butterfly and remind myself that anything is possible. In fact, we should challenge ourselves to go for our own impossible and just see what growth, beauty and happiness we can create if we are willing to say Yes to ourselves.

We have a lot to learn from the caterpillar and the butterfly.

The dying of who you once were, transforming into the brilliance of your full and great potential.

This beautiful butterfly pendant is from our Limited Edition Collections.