Art Deco Style White Gold Ring Set With Stunning Blue Sapphire & Six Sparkling Diamonds

A Ring For Sian.

The latest love of my life, finally ready to be hand delivered all the way to Australia.

I love the story of this ring. Every part of her has travelled the globe. Her gemstones were sourced in India by yours truly, I made her in the U.K and then she was personally delivered from the U.K - all the way to Australia.

The design is a take on my late grandmother Odette’s Art Deco ring which she left me. And of course, I just love this ring.

This ring is in the style of Art Deco with a contemporary touch.

Sian contacted me while I was away on one of my gem-hunting trips in the Pink City, Jaipur. She wanted a special ring to celebrate her 40th. A ring that really spoke to her, which told a story and celebrated Sian and her beautiful soul.

I set about sourcing the gemstones I felt reflected Sian and her personality best. On one of my very hot days in the Pink City, Jaipur, I found a stunning Sri Lankan blue sapphire and sparkling diamonds. A beautiful combination of precious gemstones that I felt reflected the magical beauty of the cosmos and Sian's sparkling and vibrant personality.

I spent a lot of time liaising with Sian over video chats, sending her videos of her gemstones to choose from and discussing the design at length. I am so glad she trusted me in this long-distance process and creation of her ring. The result of her trust and patience is this stunning and unique, understated Art Deco bling. Inspired by my late grandmother's original Art Deco ring. Sublime.

“A ring with a story. My ring comes with a story.

Rosie and I are cousins, who although separated by many thousands of miles of land and sea, have always been connected.

When I turned 40, I wanted a piece of jewellery I would never take off, a ring that was almost a piece of me. I wanted it to be strong, striking and beautiful. A statement. Rosie was my obvious choice.

Rosie sourced my Sri Lankan sapphire and diamonds in India, a place special to the two of us, a place of crazy possibilities and unique beauty. We spoke often as she was gem hunting, riding through the street of Jaipur, to find the perfect stone. A stone which mirrored me.

First came the stones and then the design. Again, we spoke often. I knew I wanted a vintage style ring. Rosie shared her Grandmother Odette’s ring with me. An art deco piece that was strong, striking and beautiful. Rosie added a contemporary edge and my ring came to life.

I love my ring; it never leaves my hand. It is a piece of me.

My ring comes with a story. Yours will too.”