Emerald Pendant

I am always making jewellery for women. Which of course I love and I love the stories of empowerment that go into each piece even more.

But what is a real treat for me is when I get to make jewellery for men. Such as this stunning emerald pendant I made for the wonderful human being, whom I have the good fortune of also calling a good friend.

I love how he rocks this piece, perfectly matching his outfit. And it looks great on him! I love a bit of stylish male jewellery, especially rocking an emerald.

I sourced these emeralds on one of my gem hunts in the back streets of the Pink City of Jaipur.

I love my treasure hunts, it’s a huge passion of mine and what I love most is that I never know what I’m going to find, and when I find something I love, I swoop it up like the magpie and transform it into a new design. This is pretty much how I come up with each new collection. A story of empowerment combined with the story of my gem hunts in the Pink City.

Design is simple for me. I don’t follow trends, I go with what sparks a fire in my heart, and then set about iterating a design that celebrates the gemstone in all its glory. And this is usually just keeping it very simple. Gems just need celebrating.

Emerald is a wonderful gemstone for relationships. Known as a stone for love, truth and integrity. A precious stone that helps soothe you mentally and emotionally and keeping your relationship rejuvenated. She’s a true beauty.