Jewellery Remodelling & Redesign


Remodel, up-Cycle, and repurpose your jewellery and family heirlooms into contemporary bespoke custom designs

If you possess a precious family heirloom, a loose gemstone or an old diamond engagement ring, sitting in a jewellery box gathering dust, jewellery remodelling could be the way forward for you. 

At Rosie Odette, I specialise in jewellery remodelling. I reveal the value of your old family heirloom by transforming it into a new and unique piece that speaks to who you are today. 

Jewellery is so personal and so full of sentimental value. That's why remodelling your old jewellery into new, bespoke and personal pieces is so important. 

Remodelling jewellery is about empowering yourself, honouring your life's journey so far and proclaiming 'this is who I am now'.

Jewellery is most valuable when it truly means something to you. Breathe fresh life into your old jewellery by remodelling it into a custom piece with a unique and personal design to make it truly priceless.

Remodelling Rings

I remodel unworn wedding rings and heirlooms into exciting, bespoke pieces that perfectly tell your story.

How it all started...

The Odette Cocktail Ring from the Regal Collection 

I had an emerald ring that my grandmother, Odette, left me. I wanted to connect a piece of me with a piece of her. On one of my gem hunts in India, I sourced a ruby and fashioned a new ring from the original. This was a ring to last me a lifetime, a ring that spoke to who I was today and also held my Grandmother close to my heart . I called it 'The Odette', and Rosie Odette Jewellery was born.

This is what we call ‘up-cycling’: a creative process where we take your preloved old jewellery and transform it into beautiful pieces that you love to wear today and that you can pass onto future generations.


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Is it expensive to remodel jewellery?

Bespoke jewellery generally costs more than ready-made pieces, but the exact price of remodelling will depend on the specific details of your old jewellery and the new design that you have in mind. Complicated designs cost more than simple ones and the materials in question will also affect the price. For example, platinum is more expensive than gold, while gold is more expensive than silver. It's certain that you will be paying for a unique and personal piece, with priceless sentimental value attached to it.

How can you remodel your old jewellery?

I can create your dream bespoke piece of jewellery by remodelling your forgotten heirlooms.

Contact me at for an informal chat about your special pieces and let me know which Rosie Odette designs you love most. Send me a few pictures of your jewellery that you want to transform and we’ll take it from there. I cannot wait to see your hidden gems and long-kept family heirlooms! 

Rosie X

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Be Inspired by my Favourite Custom Redesigns

Bespoke Remodel of a Family Heirloom

This stunning pinky ring is a complete transformation and remodel of a 22 carat gold bangle from Suyamba's Sri Lankan grandmother.

Bespoke Rose Gold Obsidian Signet Ring

I thoroughly enjoyed transforming Liz’s old Obsidian ring into this glorious rose gold signet ring. What a power ring she is! Read More

Art Deco Emerald Queen Cocktail Ring For Sarah

When Sarah came to my Hatton Garden workshop, she took my breath away when she showed me these two beautiful, vintage family heirlooms,left by her late grandmother. Read More

James Remodel of His Father’s and Grandfather's Wedding Rings

To date, this is one of my favourite redesign of two family heirlooms, ever. The reason being James came to me with not just his father's old signet engagement ring but also his grandfather's. Read More

Jane’s Family Heirlooms Redesigned

Our latest redesign at Rosie Odette. This beautiful solid gold cross. It was Jane’s mother’s. A sentimental piece of jewellery that needed a little something so she could wear it. Read More

A Redesign of Pip's Grandmother's Engagement Ring

One of our favourite redesigns at Rosie Odette, from a precious family heirloom. Pip’s grandmother's engagement ring. Read More

Gold & Blue Sapphire Ring Redesign from a Precious Family Heirloom

Hand carved from wax and cast in 18 carat gold, this exquisite blue sapphire gemstone has been given a really modern and contemporary makeover. Read More

A Mother's Love

What a stunning redesign this was to make. A family heirloom of gemstones passed down from Stephanie’s Mother. Read More

Exquisite Rubies and Pearls

Just finished this stunning redesign. An exquisite ruby transformed from an old engagement ring to the prettiest ruby and pearl pendant. Read More

Her Grandmother's Ring

This ring was a sad story with a happy ending, poor Fabiana had lost her late grandmother's vintage, ruby and diamond pinky ring. Read More

"When I lost my grandmother’s ring I felt naked and couldn't stop thinking about getting it redone. I immediately thought of Rosie hoping she could replicate it. She remembered the ring, loved the design and was able to source great quality stones for me. Despite some of the ring's features being tricky, Rosie was not only able to replicate it, but she made the new one look shinier, more modern and even more beautiful than the original. I am so happy with my ring and can't thank her enough for giving it a new life!" 


“Rosie did a fabulous job on my engagement ring! My fiancé found her at a Brighton Open House and found out that she redesigned family heirlooms. We had a sapphire and diamond ring that I had inherited that had just sat unloved in a drawer for years. Rosie took my old heirloom and transformed it into the beautiful ring I wear everyday. She listened to my concerns and suggestions, and made my old ring into a fabulous, new and unusual ring that I would never have found on the high street. Rosie herself is a lovely lady and always happy to help. I look forward to her making my wedding ring! “