The Jaipur Princess Collection

The Blossoming You

Jaipur is known as the 'Pink City' of India. It shimmers from dawn to dusk with beautifully painted, dusty pinks and is crowded with exquisitely attired Indian women, resplendent in Rajasthani jewellery. These women adorn and celebrate their bodies with jewellery from head to toe. Every piece they wear has a very pretty attention to detail and historical style. Like the flowers that decorate sacred places, their bodies are floating temples of gemstone finery, walking treasure troves and a feast for the eyes.

I named this collection Jaipur Princess to echo the youthful elegance and beauty of these mysterious Rajasthani princesses, who crown this fabled city with their own splendour. Each design in the Collection has the subtle touch of this unique and individual Rajasthani style, to evoke the elegance of a princess, in you.