Sizing & Resizing

The best way to get your ring measurement is to have this done by me in a consultation. Alternatively, if you are over seas this very task can be done by you if you pop into a local jewellery shop and kindly ask them to measure your finger. Please contact me if you are going to a local jewellers and I will advise you on the measurements. 

If you need to get someone's ring size in secret, either provide me with one of their rings, or you can take their ring to a jewellers and have it measured there. 

Be aware that fingers expand in summer (heat) and contract in winter (cold). All top heavy rings (carrying big stones) tend to slide sideways a bit in winter or when you hands cool down which is normal. 

Please make sure you’re happy with the size. Any resizing of a ring or necklace will require a fee depending on the job at hand.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding ring sizing, please contact