The Process



For bespoke designs, please email with any details of the of jewellery would like me to create, including the materials you would like the design to be made from i.e. 18 carat yellow gold.

Many clients look at Pinterest for inspiration and email me pictures. Please note that I do not copy any designs. This is purely for inspiration only.

If you would like a particular stone in the design, please include the stone type and name i.e. pink diamond, and the shape, i.e ‘round’ or ‘pear’, including approximate dimensions in mm and carat weight. If you don’t know what gem you would like, that’s not a problem, I can introduce you to many different shapes, colours and sizes. 

Once I have a good idea of what you would like me to create for you, I will contact you to book you in for a consultation to discuss your jewellery design in finer detail, including an estimate quote for the bespoke design you want to have made. This will be an estimation quote to start with and then a confirmed quote once the final design is approved. 

If you’re not sure of want you want to have made, that’s fine. I can guide you through the process and we can discuss ideas in person. Once the estimate quote is agreed, and you are happy to go ahead with the bespoke process a 50% deposit is to be paid for any work to start. This work includes sketching and sourcing gemstones and final design. 

Once this process has started, alterations may be able to be made, but this does depend on where we are at in the creative process of making the jewellery. Additional fees may apply here and I will notify you on this at the time.

Is it expensive to have a ring custom made?

It doesn't have to be!  Though you should generally expect to pay more for bespoke items, the price will vary depending on your choices of metal, gemstones and the design. For example, 9 carat gold is cheaper than 18 carat gold, and moissanite, blue topaz and garnets are more affordable alternatives to other gemstones like diamonds, sapphires and rubies. 

I can create a unique and original piece of jewellery to suit your budget and style. Let me know of your budget at the start of the process so I can give you suggestions and we can go from there. 

How long does it take for custom jewellery to be made?

This is dependent on the individual design. More intricate designs will take longer than simpler ones. You should generally allow a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks before your custom piece is ready to be shipped. For an additional fee, I can provide an express service where possible. 

How can I design my own jewellery?

Contact me at with details of the jewellery you would like me to create. We’ll then arrange a virtual or one-to-one consultation where we’ll talk about your jewellery design in more detail and I’ll give you an estimated quote. If you’re happy to go ahead, you’ll pay a 50% deposit so that I can start working on your design. Your dream piece of jewellery will be yours within 6 to 8 weeks!


Provided Stones
If you would like me to work with a provided stone, please send me clear photos of the stone as well as detailed information regarding the stone type, carat weight, cut, and current format (loose vs. mounted). If you cannot source this information about your stone, please bring the gem to your consultation and I can advise you on the details of the gem in hand. 

Stones are approved by myself to work with on a case by case basis. i.e. if I feel the stone you want to use could potentially crack due to natural inclusions or too soft I will advise you on this. 

A cover charge applies to all provided gemstones. This charge varies depending on the size of the gemstone. 

Consultation Time
All consultations typically last 30-60 minutes and can be organised by phone, email, skype or in person. If you live locally to Brighton I can meet you in person, if you live in London you can visit me at my studio in Hatton Garden.

The first consultation is complimentary. Any further consultations will require a £50 consultation fee for 1 hour.

Commission Fees
A 50% deposit applies to all commissions before I start making the piece. This is part payment for materials and design time. 

Costs are higher for creating a custom made piece of jewellery. This is for my personal design time, creating a bespoke piece, sourcing time, and additional labour involved in creating a unique one-off piece of jewellery.

Payment on Completion
Once your custom made piece is complete, I will notify you with a phone call and pictures. Before we deliver your piece, final payment will be required. Once received, we will send it to you by special delivery in a custom, handmade Rosie Odette jewellery box, or personally where possible.

Processing Time
We allow up to 6-8 weeks before your ring is ready to ship (processing time is often shorter). I can provide an express service where possible with an additional fee.

Custom Design Policy
I own the rights to all custom designs and may replicate part or all of a custom design to sell in my boutique unless you provide me with a complete final design to start with. 

All commissioned orders are final sale; Due to it being a custom made purchase, no exchanges or deposit refunds will be possible. 

I am really looking forward to helping you create your dream piece of bespoke jewellery. 

Rosie x