The Custom Process

Discovery Call
I offer a free 15 minute consultation so we can discuss the dream piece of Rosie Odette jewellery that you would love to have made. 

To book, please email or WhatsApp me at +44 7428 666570. Once I have a good idea, I will book you in for an in-depth consultation to discuss your jewellery design in finer detail. Please note that I do not copy any designs. 


Consultation locations and online appointments 

Rosie Odette works globally.  

Consultations may be taken via Zoom or in person depending on location. 

Where possible, London appointments are taken at her headquarters: The Goldsmiths' Centre, 42 Britton St, London EC1M 5AD, United Kingdom. 


Consultation, Custom design & deductible quoting fee 

The consultation time is 40 minutes. 

During this time we go in-depth about the Rosie Odette design that you want to have made. I guide you through a creative process and discuss and refine ideas personally tailored to you in your consultation. 

After the consultation, I set about designing and sourcing stones. From this process, I finalise your quote and I notify you of the final design cost. 

For all standard design consultations, I ask for a £300 deposit. 
For niche stone sourcing I ask for a £500 deposit. 

Please note, that the deposit is deductible from your final quote and is non-refundable. More complicated sourcing and design may require a larger deposit. 

Your quoting fee will be deducted from your final jewellery cost which I will invoice you in full to start the work. 


Payment & refunds

Once your quote is finalised, I ask for a non-refundable payment in full.
All commissioned orders including stone sourcing are final sales. Due to it being a custom made purchase, no exchanges or deposit refunds will be possible. 


How long does it take for custom jewellery to be made?

We generally allow a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks for the completion of the bespoke process. However, this is dependent on the individual design. More intricate designs will take longer than simpler ones. For designs that require any specialist craftsmanship during the bespoke process such as engraving, stone cutting, specialist sourcing or a particularly complex design process, the work could take up to 3 months or more. We will notify you of this at the time. 


Alterations and changes

Once the bespoke-making process has started, no alterations can be made.


Provided Gold and Stones

If you would like us to work with a provided stone, please send the stone to our Brighton workshop for us to inspect. We will let you know if we can work with your stone. 

Stones are approved by our Rosie Odette team on a case-by-case basis. i.e. if the stone you want to use could potentially crack due to natural inclusions or too soft we will advise you on this. A cover charge applies to all provided gemstones. This charge varies depending on the size of the gemstone.

If you are sending old gold, please note that we tend to only work with 18 or 24-carat gold. A cover charge applies to all provided gold. We will advise you if we think we can use your gold. 

All shipping payments too and back from the Rosie Odette workshop are the client’s responsibility. 


Can you transform family heirlooms into custom jewellery?

Yes, we can. Please look at our existing collections and Instagram account @rosieodettejewellery to draw inspiration for which Rosie Odette design you would love to have made. We can also exactly copy a family heirloom, for instance, a family signet ring or seal.

We will use existing gold and gemstones where possible. We will advise you on this once we can see the quality of the gold and gemstones in person.

Please note: Once we take the jewellery apart, we may discover that we cannot use the gold or gemstones provided as originally planned. This is due to only being able to see the quality of the gold or gemstones once the gold is melted and/or the gemstones are out of the setting.

If the quality of your gold or gemstones is not usable, we will re-quote the gold and gemstones needed for your chosen design.


MOT and Guarantee

We offer a six-month guarantee after the purchase. If the piece is damaged due to the wearer, our guarantee may not be applicable. We will assess the jewellery first and let you know. After six months we offer an MOT service that’s chargeable depending on the repairs needed.



All pieces are made from the inspiration of a Rosie Odette design. We don’t copy other artists or use clients’ specified designs. All design rights are owned by Rosie Odette. 


Sizing & Resizing

The best way to get your ring measurement is to have this done by me or one of my team members in the Brighton workshop. 

Alternatively, if you are overseas this very task can be done by you by ordering the ring measure we recommend. Please enquire within.

Please contact me if you are going to a local jeweller and I will advise you on the measurements I need.

If you need to get someone's ring size in secret, either provide us with one of their rings, or you can take their ring to a jeweller and have it measured there on the same day.

Be aware that fingers expand in summer (heat) and contract in winter (cold). All top-heavy rings (carrying big stones) will slide sideways a bit in winter or when your hands cool down which is normal.

Please make sure you’re happy with the size. Any resizing of a ring or necklace will require a fee depending on the job at hand plus shipping costs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding ring sizes please contact me directly at


Valuation certificate of jewellery, gold and gemstones

We provide a digital valuation certificate via email for custom designs. This can be presented for insurance purposes. 

If you want to have a gemstone valuation and certificate, please contact or WhatsApp me at +44 7428 666570 and we will inform you of the fee.  


Trading your gold

We are happy to trade in your old gold to off-set your custom ring. Many clients offset their gold value against their commission cost.

We take a 10% commission fee of the value of gold for this service.  


Polishing and cleaning 

We recommend sending your ring to us for a polish every six months to keep your jewellery looking beautiful and to foresee any potential MOT needed.

Polishing fee £50. 



All jewellery is to be collected in person at our Brighton workshop.

If you require shipping, all fees are paid by the client before the jewellery is sent.

We use Royal Mail and a courier service which operates during normal office hours Monday to Friday. 

Shipping outside of the UK will incur duty tax which is solely the responsibility of the client.

Ibiza collection address: The Hub and central Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.