My Mission

Jewellery is a powerful symbol to be worn as a part of you and stones are a precious frequency tool, there to inspire you to heal and to awaken the jewel that resides within your own life.

I make jewellery to empower and connect you to you. Championing you in your personal journey of first becoming, and then celebrating your best self, symbolising your precious and unique individuality.

The jewel that resides within your own life.
Traditionally, gemstones have been worn as ornaments of power by royals since ancient times. Today, jewellery is mainly worn purely as a symbol of status. This is a very traditional and old-school statement and purpose of intention to wear jewellery and stones: to influence everybody around you about how they think and feel about you, as opposed to how you think and feel about yourself. 

There is so much more depth to stones and ‘bling’ than just status. 

Throughout history, gemstones have been worn and adorned to help heal our hearts and celebrate and ignite the power of our souls, bodies and minds. Knights wore star rubies on their armour on battlefields to protect them from their foes. 

To this day, Ruby is still known as the go-to gemstone to be worn for grounding, courage and resilience.

This was the original reason I was drawn to gemstones and became a jeweller. To be able to experience the beauty and power of wearing them and integrate their energy of mightiness and magical frequencies within my own being. 

From the beginning, I consciously worked with stones, and their frequencies and created powerful designs to mark and celebrate my own journey of transformation and to mark and celebrate the journey and transformation of my clients. To celebrate the jewel that resides within one’s own life.

Creativity and empowerment 
As a practising Buddhist, I consciously create and infuse my work with the energy and intention of spiritual empowerment. Everything in the world is frequency and vibration. Each time I think of making a new ring or a new collection, I ask myself the question:

“How can I inspire and move the heart of another? What can I create that will epitomise the preciousness, power and dignity of each person's life?"

Every design I create is inspired by my own journey of deep transformation. My Divinity collection is a snake ring collection inspired by my own Dark Night of the Soul. Encouraging myself and my clients to wake up to their own worth and innate divinity, using special stones with particular frequencies to tune into and vibe with.

Your jewellery is a powerful symbol to be worn as a part of you and stones are a precious frequency tool, there to inspire you to heal and to awaken to the jewel that resides within your own life.

I make my jewellery to empower and connect you to you. Championing you in your personal journey of first becoming, and then celebrating your best self, symbolising your precious and unique individuality. 

Jewellery born from Buddhism
It all stems back to my 22-year-long journey with my Buddhist practice of personal empowerment, healing and transformation.

My journey of personal transformation is the bedrock of my jewellery business and jewellery inspiration. That is how my business, purpose and mission were born. 

Just as rare and amazing gemstones are born out of adversity, being tempered and forged by the crushing elements of mother nature, we too as human beings have this transformative power and potential to come out unbreakable and shining, just like a diamond. I learnt this way of being from my Buddhist practice.

Through learning profound and powerful principles of Buddhism and gradually learning to integrating them, this naturally permeated through my creativity and my inspiration for creating empowering jewellery for others which I call Spiritual Bling.

“I have stumbled, and fallen down so many times I have lost count.  But what I have learnt throughout this funny old experience that we call life, is that when I was told to give up, my mentor, and the teachings of Buddhism, told me something completely different. Never give up. No matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, never give up hope to build yourself a new life. The lotus blooms in the muddy swamp and the very ‘mud’ that we find ourselves in, holds the key ingredients for you to rebuild yourself a beautiful life. Just like the Lotus, we all have limitless potential waiting to bloom in our life. My best advice to anyone is always the same. Own the mud of your life and turn it into something beautiful for yourself and for humanity. No matter how long it takes. Own that mud! And transform it. No mud, no Lotus.” RO

From surviving to thriving 
As a human being that has experienced a lot of trauma, I have used my personal adversity as fuel for my creativity to transform and create something beautiful and powerful.

There have been many uphill struggles and a few free falls along the way, but it is one that has made me who I am today. My spiritual practice has been the key to my progress to continually overcome my personal setbacks and transform the darkness I experienced into light.  

However, the journey of transformation is not an easy process. Just think of the diamond being crushed and forged over millions of years before it comes out indomitable, strong and shining brilliantly like a diamond. The process of healing and transformation is not linear and it can take years even decades for some of us.

Healing is ugly. It takes enormous courage and perseverance to build yourself a better life and then more courage. But it is possible. It is the classic story of the ‘ugly ducking’. 

The karmic box that I ticked for my own personal battlefield in this world was to overcome extreme childhood trauma. My empowering opportunity was to decide to heal and recover from these challenging experiences and once I had, create something beautiful and inspirational for others to share in the world and be a lighthouse of encouragement for others, while actively being part of creating positive change in the world.

Perfectly Imperfect  
All of us experience our own version of a ‘personal battlefield’, inside and out.

Just like precious gemstones, we are all imperfect. Stones hold special inclusions that give them their unique lustre, fire and powerful frequency. 

They have magical power, and healing properties and hold many flaws and facets, that give them their unique beauty. 

This is us. This is You. Perfectly imperfect, just as you are. And your journey to being forged is exactly what separates you from the rest and is what makes you, You. I like to refer to it as Flawsome. 

My purpose is to help empower people to feel good about themselves through my creativity. We need the courage to embrace the imperfections of our life experiences and to believe in our own bright and sparkling potential because it is there. Just like a rough diamond waiting to be unearthed and polished.

As a jeweller and an artist, I translate life’s difficult experiences by alchemising rough, precious and raw materials into something beautiful and strong for you to wear. Power Rings, symbolising deep personal work and the inner beauty and power that you possess within yourself to do ‘the work’.

You can heal. My jewellery is here to remind you of that. You are precious and worthy and you hold all of the power that you need inside. 

Rosie Odette’s mission & vision working with the charity, Tender. 
The charity, Tender educates young people in schools across Britain about healthy relationships in order to prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence.

As a young person who has experienced domestic abuse and sexual violence, I understand how these experiences can deeply hurt one’s life. Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and also spiritually. 

Statistically, young people between the ages of 16 and 24 are most affected by violence and sexual violence in Britain. 

Creating positive change 
To support the cause of transformation in this social issue, 25% of the sale price from the Acorn Charm Collection is paid to Tender, a registered charity (number 1100214) designed specifically to support TENDER, a charity focused on preventing domestic abuse and sexual violence through art and education.

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Rosie Odette.