‘Weird’ for Sue

I really enjoyed making this ring. I enjoy making every ring. Making powerful and empowering beautiful pieces of gemstone jewellery for women to wear is my absolute passion. But, what I particularly loved about making this ring is that my very lovely client, Sue, specifically asked for something special, and in her words ‘weird’.

I asked Sue what colours she loved, what shapes she loved, and most importantly why she wanted this special ring made for herself.

We discussed ‘weird’ at length. ‘Weird’ represented unique. Standing up, standing out, not conforming to the masses. Trailblazing, carving your own path, saying 'no' to the mainstream of ‘yes’ and making your mark in the world.

You get my drift.

The heart of ‘weird’ for Sue, was about celebrating herself as a woman who is standing up and make a difference in this world. And of course, she wanted and needed her ring to represent the stake she is making, in the ground.

Her ring is a reminder of who she really is and where she is really going. And why. A reminder on her finger - every day - of her killer amazing mission in this beautifully challenging world, full of amazing opportunities for great change, if we decide so.

After discussing at length the heart of why she wanted this special piece and exploring her use of language to describe her ring as ‘weird’, off I went sourcing the right treasure to perfectly match her heart's desire and create a design that was strong, bold, elegant, and different. Like Sue.

I found two stunning gemstones. One beautiful shard of amethyst, and one beautiful shard of this exquisite green, deep blue coloured tourmaline. Stunning.

Amethyst is a wonderful facilitator to help you transform your lower energies into higher frequencies of both the spiritual and ethereal levels. A stone that represents the process of a complete metamorphosis, she is the butterfly of the gem world. She will encourage you to spread your wings into a glorious display of beauty from the darkness of your cocoon into full flight.

Blue tourmaline helps you to live in harmony with your environment. This essentially means family, friends, the workplace and society at large. The energy and vibration of blue tourmaline activates the progression of service, enlightening you to recognise the rewards of serving humanity in the areas of expansion of knowledge and in helping all to realise the power of love.

I always say to my clients, you are always drawn to what you need in your life and to where you are heading. These gemstones perfectly epitomised Sue’s mission in the world. Advancing humanity in the workplace for herself and others and therefore the world at large.

What a woman, what a ring, what a Queen. And what a joy it was for me to make this ring for Sue. 

There is nothing I love more than empowering amazing women through jewellery.

Go Sue. You absolutely rock. And so does your amazing ring.

"I met Rosie in 2018 and what struck me most and stayed with me was how intensely she embodied purpose in her work. In 2019 I turned 50 and my step-daughter turned 21. I turned to Rosie to create a ring for each us that would be symbolic of our own uniqueness and represent our stage of life. For myself, I wanted something subtle but that embraced my weirdness. It needed to conform, yet not. Rosie paired a tourmaline and an amethyst and turned them to sit in an unconventional setting. For my step-daughter Phoebe, on the cusp of her adulthood her ring represents growth and optimism in the unfurling fern in the setting and the freshness of the beautiful green peridot, her birthstone. From concept, to design and creation, Rosie had an unerring sense of what I was trying to convey. Guiding me through what would work to bring these rings to life. The design experience itself was as important as beautiful rings and Phoebe and I treasure these unique pieces of art."