The Bridal Collection

The One For You

Our Bridal Jewellery has been very carefully designed to beautify and celebrate you on your special day. Decadent, stylish, and timeless chic designs, bursting with freshwater pearls, white sapphire, and stunning, natural kyanite for ‘something blue’.

All of our bridal gemstones have been carefully hand-selected by Rosie Odette on her treasure trails in the Pink City, Jaipur. 

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The Bridesmaid Collection

The One For You

We have carefully selected our best sellers to decorate your beautiful bridesmaids on your special day. Individual jewellery designs created for simplicity and maximum impact. Here you will find carefully curated designs to suit every colour scheme and wedding theme. Do contact us directly if you would love to have one of our designs tweaked or if you would like our bespoke service for truly unique bridesmaid jewellery. 

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The Divinity Collection

The Divine In You

Our Divinity Collection has been created to ignite and celebrate the hidden beauty and greatness resting deep within you.

The snake symbolises the liberation from a state of darkness into the light. When we hold the power of love and light curled too tightly within us, we tend not to shine as brightly as we truly should.

These rings are a stunning statement, unashamedly created to unfurl and reflect your higher self. 

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The Engagement Ring Collection

The One For You
Our engagement ring collection celebrates your love with stylish, timeless, chic designs, decadently adorned with precious gemstones. 
Many of our gemstones are limited edition and have been carefully hand-picked by Rosie Odette on her treasure trails in the Pink City, Jaipur.  
Every design is available in different precious metals from platinum, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. 
For inspiration and a unique engagement ring, have a look at our bespoke section and contact us if you would love to customise your own engagement ring or slightly change a collection piece.
We also create His and Hers bespoke custom fit wedding bands for new and existing engagement rings.  


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The Jaipur Princess Collection

The Blossoming You

Jaipur is known as the 'Pink City' of India. It shimmers from dawn to dusk with beautifully painted, dusty pinks and is crowded with exquisitely attired Indian women, resplendent in Rajasthani jewellery. These women adorn and celebrate their bodies with jewellery from head to toe. Every piece they wear has a very pretty attention to detail and historical style. Like the flowers that decorate sacred places, their bodies are floating temples of gemstone finery, walking treasure troves and a feast for the eyes.

I named this collection Jaipur Princess to echo the youthful elegance and beauty of these mysterious Rajasthani princesses, who crown this fabled city with their own splendour. Each design in the Collection has the subtle touch of this unique and individual Rajasthani style, to evoke the elegance of a princess, in you.


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The Ladli Collection

The Nature In You

Rosie Odette Jewellery supports the street children and women of Ladli in the city of Jaipur, India. Jaipur is known as the capital of the gem world for its tradition of gem-dealing and excellence in handmade jewellery.

Rosie Odette created simple yet beautiful elegant necklace designs for the local children and women to make, that we think you would love to wear.  

These beautiful necklaces are handmade by the girls of Ladli using semi-precious materials; Garnet, Blue Spinel, Black Spinel, Pyrite and Labradorite semi-precious beads, sterling silver chain, finished with 18 carat double gold plating.

All of the materials, necklace design and boxes have been provided by Rosie Odette Jewellery. We hope you wear your necklace with pride knowing that 95% of the proceeds go directly to the Ladli girls and 5% toward funding the project.

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The Limited Edition Collection

You And Only You

Our limited edition collection has been created out of my very first love - gem hunting. I was hunting gems for years before I became a jeweller. The first gem I sourced in India launched the start of Rosie Odette Jewellery many years later. 

Every year I set off to the Pink City, Jaipur to start my magpie hunt for precious and sparkling stones. From my very own treasure hunts comes each inspiration for every design and collection. I find the gem and the rest flourishes from there. 

Something I find very exciting about the gem industry is that what's found in one precious packet of stones, may never be found again. And that's how our limited edition collection was born...

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The Opulence Collection

The Abundance In You

I created the Opulence Collection to inspire and celebrate women in their natural, feminine beauty. Natural gemstones hold inclusions. These are idiosyncrasies that randomly occur in every stone, giving it a particular signature or character.

Each gem symbolises your unique beauty – no tweaks, no changes – just you, as you are, in all of your natural, flawsome, glorious beauty.

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