Zoom Gold Peridot Empress Cocktail Ring Ring Rosie Odette Jewellery
Zoom Gold Peridot Empress Cocktail Ring Ring Rosie Odette Jewellery
Zoom Gold Peridot Empress Cocktail Ring Ring Rosie Odette Jewellery

Gold Peridot Empress Cocktail Ring


The Peridot Empress Cocktail Ring. A true statement ring for a strong minded woman. In the words of Fran Lebowitz, “I’m not interested in being a wife. I’m interested in being an Empress”. This is my kind of woman and my kind of ring. A ring admired and worn by both men and women, this design is chic, contemporary, timeless and bold. Just like Fran Lebowitz. Featuring a stunning four carat, electric green, natural peridot gemstone set in a crown of yellow gold.

This ring is made to order in 18 carat gold. Please allow minimum 6 weeks for delivery. This design is also available in different gemstones. Prices may vary. Please contact us for further details.

Our Peridot Empress ring matches beautifully with our Peridot Dew Drop Earrings from Opulence Collection and Jaipur Princess Necklace from Jaipur Princess Collection.

Peridot Magic 

Many different gemstones can be found in meteorites that have fallen to earth, but peridot and diamonds are the only ones found in a large enough sizes to make jewellery from. I love this.

Peridot emits a warm and friendly energy. A wonderful cleansing gem to stimulate the heart and solar plexus chakras. She will open you up to love and new relationships. She will inspire happiness within yourself and help you embrace the uniqueness and preciousness of your life and She will compassionately guide you away from feelings of jealousy, bitterness and resentment towards others.

She will assist you in taking charge of your own life and make it want you want it to be, an Empress! Rather than looking at others and wishing you could be them, she will help you define and find your own treasure within. Your treasure is right where you stand. You just have to start digging beneath the surface and you will be sure to find it.

Known by the Egyptians as the gem of the sun, and collectively known as an 'Evening Emerald’ due to its brilliant, electric spring-green glow, peridot gemstones have been in use for many thousands of years.

In ancient Roman times they wore rings of peridot to relieve themselves of depression and believed peridot enhanced your confidence and assisted you in seeing your brilliance and recognise that you are are deserving of love. An invigorating and rejuvenating gemstone, peridot connects you to your inner beauty, vision and joy. Well. What a ring and what a gem. Finished pieces like these make me feel proud and in love all over again.

Do not hesitate to mark your greatness, your wonder, and your true, brilliant self. 

Regal Philosophy 
Royalty adorned themselves with jewels for their protective healing powers and as a display of their own unique worthiness and power. This exclusive collection brings that ancient tradition back to life. Resplendent with precious and semi-precious gemstones sourced from my treasure hunts in Jaipur in India, each ring and each gem tells a story of the queen that resides in every woman. Queens do not wait. They adorn themselves with the ring of their dreams. 

You are a Queen. Whatever the circumstances you find yourself in, never let that crown slip from your head.

Peridot Vibes
Chakras - Heart Chakra
Birthstone - August
Zodiac - Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius
Typical colours - Olive green, bottle green, yellowish-green


Peridot is a 16th anniversary gemstone

Peridot Healing
Healing. Love. Transformation. Rejuvenation. Cleansing. Rebirth. Personal growth. Awakening.

Gold Peridot Empress Cocktail Ring Ring Rosie Odette Jewellery

Gold Peridot Empress Cocktail Ring