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Zoom Gold, Ruby & Tourmaline Snake Ring Ring Rosie Odette Jewellery
Zoom Gold, Ruby & Tourmaline Snake Ring Ring Rosie Odette Jewellery

Ruby & Tourmaline Snake Ring


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Exquisite, Green Tourmaline and Ruby Gold Snake Ring. This serpent ring has been beautifully hand carved from wax and cast in gold. Set with a green marquise tourmaline in the snake's head followed by a pretty detail of electric pink rubies in an antique style setting inspired by ancient Rajasthani design. The attention to detail on this ring is breathtaking.  

This ring is made to order in 18 carat gold. Please allow minimum 6 weeks for delivery. This design is also available in diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby gemstones. Please contact us for further details, price may vary. 

Divinity Philosophy
Our Divinity Collection is a collection of power rings. Created to ignite your divine greatness, beauty and spark that resides within you. The snake symbolises transformation and transmutation of one's own darkness into the light. We are all born from love and light yet often we forget this. We hold the power and beauty of the stars in our DNA and this ring is here to remind you of that. 

This snake ring is a stunning statement piece of jewellery to symbolise your highest self. A powerful reminder of just how great you really are. Each ring is made to order. Personal stone selection is available. 

Ruby Magic
I chose rubies to symbolise the heart chakra. The most important part of all of us. Loving, healing, and accepting ourselves, just as we are. A crucial process that takes the heart of courage to embrace the good, the bad and the ugly and still awaken to the truth that we are stunning divine creations of the universe.

Rubies encourage you to love yourself. She will remind you that you are a precious being made from pure love. Her transformative powers will help you recognise the beautiful and precious being within. A gem symbolic of love, passion, protection, prosperity, and courage. She will open the heart chakra, heal the soul, and vibrate a strong energy for love and sensuality. A wonderful gemstone for an engagement ring, Ruby is the perfect wedding gemstone and is gifted on 15th and 40th anniversaries as a gem of deep and true love.

Tourmaline Magic
Tourmaline relates to each energy of the chakras. She acts to clear, maintain and stimulate each of the energy centres of the body. She will diminish fear and encourage self-confidence, balancing your male and female energies within the body. In ancient Eastern Indian culture, tourmaline was used to bring direction towards what would bring ‘good’ for you.

Green tourmaline is a beautiful gem which helps the wearer 'see with the heart'. She can help assist you with visualisation and attune the energy centres between the third eye and heart chakras. Green tourmaline does possess a masculine energy combined with the quality of compassion, which results in a vibration of wilfulness. This energy combined with the ruby encouraging you to follow your bliss, is a wonderful fusion of dreams opening up and being brought to a beautiful reality by the discipline and strength of the green tourmaline.

She transforms negative energies into a positive state without releasing it into the atmosphere. Green tourmaline also holds the essence of the plant kingdom, and shows the world that we are one, and that we trade energies and vibratory messages in order to maintain the integrity of the planet.

Ruby Vibes
Chakras - Base Chakra, Heart Chakra
Birthstone - July
Zodiac - Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Typical colours - Pinkish-red to red


Ruby is a 40th anniversary gemstone

Ruby Healing
Integrity. Happiness. Healing. Courage. Passion. Inspiration. Energy. Power. Leadership.

Green Tourmaline is a 15th anniversary gemstone

Green Tourmaline Vibes
Chakras - Heart Chakra
Zodiac- Capricorn

Tourmaline Vibes
Chakras - (depending on colour)
Zodiac - Virgo, Libra
Typical colours - Most commonly black, but can range from brown, violet, green, pink, or in a dual-coloured pink and green (watermelon)

Tourmaline Healing
Flexibility. Happiness. Objectivity. Compassion. Serenity. Balance. Positive transformation. Healing. Strength. Tolerance. Understanding.

Ruby & Tourmaline Snake Ring Ring Rosie Odette Jewellery

Ruby & Tourmaline Snake Ring