A Secret Rose Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

A Secret Rose Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring.

We love a secret proposal at Rosie Odette. Chris contacted me after I had made a ring for his mother a few years back. He loved her design so much he came to me to have a special engagement ring made for him to "surprise propose" to his girlfriend.

Knowing his girlfriend's taste well, he carefully selected the Halo Diamond Engagement Ring set with a stunning diamond at the centre and twelve dazzling diamonds as a surrounding halo.

A proposal in the snowy Alps, of course she said Yes!

A divinely beautiful diamond engagement ring, rose gold really makes the diamonds pop.

Diamonds are forged in the earth's crust the longest. It takes 3.5 billions for Mother Earth to make one.

Many light healers use diamonds for powerful healing and spiritual awakening. Diamonds activates the crown chakra, she clears the clouds from your mind and your heart and will guide you safely on your own personal journey to your Divine enlightenment.

I love nothing more than making a special engagement ring tailored exactly to what you are looking for.

This Halo Engagement Ring Design is also available in sapphire, emerald and ruby gemstones and the gold colour of your choice.

“I have absolutely loved my experience working with Rosie to create the perfect engagement ring! I couldn’t be happier with the ring and with the personalised service! I would highly recommend Rosie to anyone looking for an amazing engagement ring with a personal touch, and cannot thank her enough! Chris.”

Healing Diamond Vibes
Chakras - Crown Chakra
Birthstone - April
Zodiac - Aries, Taurus, Leo
Diamond is a 60th Anniversary gemstone

Healing with Diamond
Purity. Harmony. Love. Abundance. Prosperity. Spiritual awakening.