Stunning Hers & Hers Engagement Rings

Stunning, vintage-style Hers & Hers engagement rings. I thoroughly enjoyed making these exquisite beauties. I am a huge fan of grey and brown diamonds. They give an understated, vintage-style and glamour that you only really find in antique jewellery. Precious rocks of timeless beauty.

What I love about them most, is that they have inclusions, which is what creates their unique fire and warm tones. Imperfections are perfection. Character is what is attractive in life, in people and in precious gemstones like these. It's not about the 'perfection' and bling, it's about shining your unique personality and sparkle - just as you are!

Hand-carved from wax, you can see the creative process, that isn't always so attractive. But always incredible to see how much beauty can come from a lump of wax, which results in making your eyes pop. A couple of swans one might say!

The brown diamonds are set in 18 carat rose gold, the grey diamonds in 18 carat yellow gold. Diamond translates as ‘Adamas’, meaning ‘invincible’ in Greek. They impart fearlessness, invincibility and fortitude. Great attributes for life-long commitment and true love.

Here's what Donna had to say about the rings:

“I always loved the idea of designing an engagement ring and thrilled I got the opportunity to do this for myself and my partner. I wanted the rings to be bespoke and a matching pair but for each of them to also have their own personal touches. Rosie Odette was fantastic at guiding me (a complete novice) through the process.

I showed her some images for inspiration; she then sketched some ideas in front of me for me to take away and consider. Our second meeting was set up to talk through choice of diamond and gold. Rosie would delicately place the diamonds on my fingers to show me the slight variations in colour and how they each worked with different types of gold. This was one of the most exciting parts of the whole process.

Throughout the next couple of months, Rosie worked on the rings and sent me various images at different stages. She was a calming presence through what could have been a stressful process and delivered a stunning pair of engagement rings. It feels so special to have designed a ring for the person I love and know, my (now) wife loves the sentiment behind the ring as much as the ring itself. Donna Xx”

The ring design process begins

Donna's Hers and Hers Engagement Ring

Bespoke Ring Design

The finished engagement rings