Rose Cut Diamond Jewellery

Rose Cut Diamonds are truly unique. Each stone has been hand cut. They display a unique elegance and style, enhancing your natural feminine beauty.

Each gem is individually shaped, symbolising your perfection - just as you are. 'Diamond' in Greek is 'Adamas' - which translates as 'invincible' - symbolising your invincible strength.

Each rose cut diamond gem symbolises our different shapes, sizes, character, and unique sparkle as women. Just like these diamonds we all equally shine with the same resplendent beauty. Strong, unique, beautiful, worthy. Made to symbolise and celebrate you, as You.

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Birthstone - April

Zodiac - Aries, Taurus, Leo

Typical colours - White, champagne, yellow, pink, blue, red, black.

Anniversary - Diamond is a 60th Anniversary gemstone