Pip’s Engagement Ring. A Redesign of Her Grandmother's Engagement Ring

One of our favourite redesigns at Rosie Odette, from a precious family heirloom. Pip’s grandmother's engagement ring.

She was once a classic Edwardian style engagement ring, an antique beauty - which I personally love - but Pip wanted something more contemporary and organic in style.

But she also wanted a piece of her grandmother to wear everyday. Et voilà, we have what we call ‘Up-Cycling’ !

A creative process where we take the gems from your loved ones and transform them into a beautiful piece of jewellery that you would love to wear today.

Carrying a piece of your heart, and theirs, throughout more generations to come. Well, that’s just beautiful, creating new precious and sentimental jewellery designs, more history, more happiness, more love.

This new engagement ring will one day be passed down to Pip’s daughter. The thought of this just makes me smile.