Martin's Engagement Bracelet

I had the honour of making Martin's engagement bracelet, guided by Kevin's vision to create a precious, ancient-looking yet contemporary coin, set with grey and blue diamonds. The grey diamonds represent the stars in the cosmos and the blue diamonds are set in the design of Martin's constellation star sign, Leo. The disc represents the cycle of eternal love. A deeply symbolic piece of jewellery to represent the profundity of the stars aligning when these two precious hearts met.

I just love this! And I love making jewellery with true depth and meaning. What a beauty of a story this is. I hand carved this piece from wax and cast in 18 carat white gold, finishing with soft black leather cord and 18 carat gold caps. Thank you boys for giving me the beautiful opportunity to solidify your love through jewellery!

Diamonds are forged in the earth's crust the longest. It takes 3.5 billions for Mother Earth to make one.

Many light healers use diamonds for powerful healing and spiritual awakening. Diamonds activate the crown chakra, she clears the clouds from your mind and your heart and will guide you safely on your own personal journey to your Divine enlightenment.

I love nothing more than making a special engagement ring tailored exactly to what you are looking for.

This Halo Engagement Ring Design is also available in sapphire, emerald and ruby gemstones and the gold colour of your choice. 

Healing Diamond Vibes
Chakras - Crown Chakra
Birthstone - April
Zodiac - Aries, Taurus, Leo
Diamond is a 60th Anniversary gemstone

Healing with Diamond
Purity. Harmony. Love. Abundance. Prosperity. Spiritual awakening.

“Every day Rosie’s bracelet moves me. It has become a part of my sense of self, my pride & joy in who I am and in the man I am sharing my life with. He truly understands the way to my heart, Yes! It better be gold, and Yes! It better be diamonds, but that’s not what Rosie does!!! Rosie will listen with love & deep intent to her clients and create little works of art that express the very beauty of finding your heart captured in ways that words never could."