Mexican Fire Opal Bespoke Remodel of Existing Engagement Ring

Mexican Fire Opal Bespoke Remodel of Existing Engagement Ring 

I cannot express enough just how much I love these Mexican Fire Opals. Look at this stunning gemstone, a whopping seven carats of pure natural beauty.

This exquisite ring is a redesign of Victoria’s old engagement ring. I took her old stone out and replaced it with this stunning and personally sourced matrix fire opal.

I decided to mix up my metals and set this beautiful stone in yellow gold to really make her ‘pop’. I also replaced the old sapphires with yellow gold balls and soldered them on to Victoria’s white gold ring. I absolutely love the contrast of the white and yellow gold metals with the purple-green hues of this stone. What a corker.

And what a transformation! Those flashes of green and purple mimic the iridescent feathers of a peacock and Aurora lights. Just so beautiful.

Victoria’s old engagement ring before my remodel and redesign.

Victoria loving and celebrating her remodelled engagement rings new lease of life!

Contact me for bespoke enquiries if you need to have one of these stunners in your life or if you have an old ring you would like me to bring back to life for you. It will be my pleasure 

Rosie X