Samantha's Truly Alternative Turquoise & Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Samantha's Truly Alternative Turquoise & Rose Gold Engagement Ring!

There is no filter on this beauty of a gem. Just a natural turquoise from Arizona, doing her sky blue, bling thing, sat on my workbench in the natural sunshine.

I set this gem in a crown of rose gold. I am a huge fan of rose gold. I turn many of my clients this way. Reason being? Just look at the beautiful harmony in contrast of colours. Jewellery is not just about creating beautiful pieces to wear for a lifetime, it is about style and breaking the rules. Most turquoise I see is set in silver. Not on my watch!

I met the lovely Samantha at one of my private Rosie Odette Jewellery Parties in Maida Vale in London.

Samantha mentioned to me that she was looking for an engagement ring, but an engagement ring with a difference. She wanted something she loved that spoke to her, not just a ring that you can find on the high street.

She came to the right jeweller. I love nothing more than creating unique and alternative engagement rings for special clients. A ring 'outside the box’ of tradition. Yes, please. After all, jewellery is to be made to tell a story of the wearer's life and journey.

This natural turquoise gemstone does exactly that. On one of my gem hunts in the Pink City of Jaipur, I personally sourced these stunning turquoises. As soon as I saw them I scooped them up. My magpie eyes popped at their amazing natural pigment.

Good quality turquoise is getting hard to find now, a lot of it is treated. As soon as I scooped them up I decided to add her to our Limited Edition and Regal Collection. Collections to inspire you to step into your Queen and claim your worthiness. What I find really special is that what I find on one journey may never be found again.

Turquoise is a master healer. She emanates a purifying energy which dissipates negativity. She is a gift from earth and melds you with the consciousness of Mother Earth. She will balance out your male/female energies, leaving you in perfect energetic alignment. She will bring forth mental and spiritual clarity, balancing and aligning all of the chakra energies.

A gem which enhances trust, kindness and the recognition of beauty and help strengthen your natural powers of intuition. One of our greatest strengths!

I wear my Turquoise rose gold ring on my on my pinky finger. Keeping me safe, attuned and my hand beautifully decorated.