Fabiana's Remake of Her Grandmother's Ring

I thoroughly enjoyed remaking Fabiana's grandmother's ring. A sad story but with a happy ending, poor Fabiana had lost her late grandmother's vintage ruby and diamond pinky ring.

A once loved family heirloom I absolutely adored this ring. I always had my eye on it often thought how I would love to make a ring like this. So when Fabiana came to me to ask me to remake it, I was honoured to resurrected and recreate this stunning piece so Fabiana could not only restore the memory of her grandmother, but create a ring for many more generations to come.

Fabiana had a few photos of her grandmother's ring before she lost it and along with my magpie memory and love for this ring, we managed to bring her old ring back to life.

And I am so pleased that we did! What a stunning piece of vintage style jewellery this is. Set in a beautiful combination of white and yellow gold, top quality rubies and diamonds.

And what I love most, is that Fabiana rocks this vintage beauty on her pinky finger. Swoon.

"When I lost my grandmother's ring I felt naked and couldn't stop thinking about getting it redone. I immediately thought of Rosie hoping she could replicate it. She remembered the ring, loved the design and was able to source great quality stones for me. Despite some of the ring's features being tricky, Rosie was not only able to replicate it, but she made the new one look actually shinier, more modern and even more beautiful than the original. I am so happy with my ring and can't thank her enough for giving it a new life!" 

A remake of her grandmother's ring