Jane’s Family Heirlooms Redesigned

Our latest redesign at Rosie Odette. This beautiful solid gold cross. It was Jane’s mother’s. A sentimental piece of jewellery that needed a little something so she could wear it.

Not usually Jane’s style, Jane still wanted to keep her mother close. So we came up with a design using top quality rubies and champagne diamonds, set in a really pretty antique detailed design to give it that extra special look. It’s such a shame to leave family heirlooms sitting in the jewellery box unworn. The trick is to resurrect them by bringing a piece of you and a piece of them fused into a piece of jewellery that you would love to wear today.

Next, we took the diamonds from Jane's late mother's ring and transformed it into this chic, timeless, stunning piece of jewellery. A once loved, family heirloom has now been transformed into a stunning rose and yellow gold bracelet. A Chanel-inspired bracelet with a twist, combining rose and yellow gold in the design. The diamonds are pave set in an 18 carat rose gold bar, hand carved from wax, and assembled to an 18 carat yellow gold chain. Just exquisite! Tempted to make one for myself. Do you have a family heirloom waiting to be transformed into something beautiful?

"I first met Rosie at one of the amazing Art Open Houses during the Brighton & Hove May Festivals four years ago at a wonderful house in Wilbury Road called 'Flamingo House' and fell in love with Rosie's concept of not only being able to design her own jewellery ranges but to customise existing jewellery. I had several pieces of jewellery that my mother had left me some years ago that was languishing in a drawer and so I asked Rosie if she would consider redesigning them for me - after various designs were drawn up we ended up with five rings and a diamond and gold bracelet - 2 sapphire and diamond rings, 1 emerald and diamond, 1 3-stone diamond and one diamond cluster for myself and my daughter in a mixture of rose, yellow and while gold which we now love wearing on regular occasions.  

I have also bought several readymade jewellery pieces from Rosie's collections as well as bespoke pieces and can't thank her enough for giving me the chance to be able to wear the redesigned jewellery again as a way of remembering my mother every time I wear them as well as giving my daughter something to remember her grandmother by.

Rosie has a wonderful drive and vision for the future of her business and I look forward very much to seeing her progress and supporting her along the way."