Bespoke Rose Gold Obsidian Signet Ring

Bespoke Rose Gold Obsidian Signet Ring

I thoroughly enjoyed transforming Liz’s old Obsidian ring into this glorious rose gold signet ring.

What a power ring she is! 

Transforming a once loved heirloom is a wonderful investment to make. Jewellery is deeply personal and originally created to be worn with deep sentiment and meaning, not just decoration.

Something for you to treasure and pass down for many more generations to come and a beautiful piece of jewellery that speaks to who you are today.

Obsidian is an incredible gemstone for warding off negativity. She’s like a Jedi in the gemstone world. There isn’t any negativity getting past this girl.

A shield against negativity Obsidian is a best friend that will protect you like Samuel guiding Frodo to Mordor and back.

A truth enhancing gemstone which will help you to know who you are and guide you along that challenging path with compassion, healing and strength.

Get your rocks on and wear them with meaning. If you have unworn, unloved treasure gathering dust in your jewellery box - come and see me and let’s give your pieces a makeover 🖤

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