Rosalind’s Remodel of her Ruby Engagement Ring

Rosalind’s Remodel of her Ruby Engagement Ring

Just finished this stunning redesign. An exquisite ruby transformed from an old engagement ring to the prettiest ruby and pearl pendant.

I’m so in love with this necklace! Set in rose gold, of course, my absolute favourite. I cannot wait to see this on Rosalind.

Inspired by my love of Rajasthani design and antique jewellery. There is nothing like transforming a once-loved treasure into a piece of beautiful jewellery that you can wear today.

A ring from a fond love from the past made into a beautiful pendant to be loved once again in the present.

Ruby has been revered and yearned for throughout history. A gem symbolic of love, passion, protection, prosperity and courage. She opens the heart chakra, heals the soul, and vibrates a strong energy for love and sensuality, making her a wonderful gemstone for an engagement ring. Ruby is the perfect wedding gemstone and is gifted on 15th and 40th anniversaries as a gem of deep and true love.

Pearl symbolises faith, purity and innocence and will stimulate these qualities in your body and mind, enhancing your personal integrity, clarity and wisdom. As well as acting as a channel for you to receive spiritual guidance, she is known as a ‘stone of sincerity’ and will bring truth and loyalty to situations where needed. It has been told that she helps increase fertility.

“Rosie remodelled a dazzling ruby ring for me, one that was full of meaning from a former life - one that no longer made any sense.   Rosie created a fabulously radiant pendant, adding three white sea pearls and rose gold which I have adored wearing.  This has meant I can wear the gem in my new life while honouring cherished memories.  Thank you so much Rosie."  Rosalind xx