A Ring For Stephanie

What a stunning redesign this was to make. A family heirloom of gemstones passed down from Stephanie’s mother.

Originally Stephanie had her mother's emeralds and diamond gemstones made into ‘Boodles’ copy. But Stephanie felt it wasn’t elegant or delicate enough, or even really to her taste.

She wanted her new ring to be more versatile, pretty and a piece that she could wear for all occasions.

I set about my Rosie Odette magic and I came up with a beautiful floral design touching on a vintage style but with a modern twist.

Two stacking rings. One ring to be set with three diamonds in rose gold and the other ring to be set with one diamond and three emeralds in white gold.

This gave Stephanie the option of two rings, in two different shades of gold in a stunning contemporary floral design which could be worn together or separately. The best thing about this design for Stephanie is that she now get maximum wearability from her rings and for all occasions.

Stephanie was over the moon. As was I! I love nothing more then taking apart old jewellery and redesigning it into a piece that not only perfectly suits my clients taste and needs, but that really makes my client happy. Jewellery is about personal style and sharing the heart and story of the wearer in each piece. It is not just about displaying precious gemstones, it is personal.

Diamonds impart fearlessness, invincibility and fortitude. Emerald imparts wisdom, love and great harmony.

In Greek, ‘Diamond’ translates as ‘Adamas’, which means ‘invincible’. The Greeks also revered emeralds as the gem of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. And the Romans used emeralds to pay tribute to Venus, making this ring an eclectic mix of historical and mythical grandeur.

Diamond is a 60th Anniversary gemstone and the Birthstone of April.

Emerald is a 20th Anniversary and 55th Anniversary gemstone. Emerald is the Birthstone of May.