Peridot Jewellery

Many different gemstones can be found in meteorites that have fallen to earth, but peridot and diamonds are the only ones found in a large enough sizes to make jewellery from. I love this.

Peridot emits a warm and friendly energy. A wonderful cleansing gem she will inspire happiness within yourself and help you embrace the uniqueness and preciousness of your life.

Known by the Egyptians as the gem of the sun, and collectively known as an 'Evening Emerald’ due to its brilliant, electric spring-green glow, peridot gemstones have been in use for many thousands of years and is also a wonderful ‘pocket friendly’ alternative to emerald. 


Birthstone - August

Zodiac - Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius

Typical colours - Olive green, bottle green, yellowish-green

Anniversary - Peridot is a 16th anniversary gemstone