Sea Green Tourmaline

A very sweet and exquisite 4.95 carats of sea green tourmaline. It is on the cusp of being a paraiba, a rare type of tourmaline. My dealer is sending her to the lab to have it verified.

Just look at this utter beauty, she is literally perfect. If I was hunting for this coloured green gemstone, I would of swooped her up. An absolute collectable.

This sea green tourmaline is a real investment. Truly a one-off piece. Perfect if you want something that no one else has and if that is the case, then this gem is for you.

I wish she was for me, but for now the Rosie Odette gem hunt is all about champagne diamonds and pink tourmalines but my god was this gemstone tempting. 

Must. Not. Go. Off. Track. Oh Pink City how you torture and tempt me.