Jaipur Factory Lapidary Cutters

This is where it happens people. Look at these awesome lapidary craftsmen, hand cutting ruby, sapphire, emerald and green onyx on their spinning wheels. Such skill is involved in hand cutting gemstones - it really is true craftsmanship. I take my hat off to these guys. They get the rough material straight from the ground and turn it into seriously gorgeous bling.

These very chaps beautifully carved up my stunning lemon topaz cushion cuts for our limited edition Canary Queen ring. There is nothing like going straight to the source. Choosing your rough rock and having it cut to your specifications. I love the creative process of anything. It has magic in it and a whole lot of graft.

Lapidary is the term given for the cutting and polishing of stones. It dates back to early human times when the art of lapidary was used to create tools and weapons from stone.

Throughout history stones were worn as personal adornments in the same way we wear jewellery today. Wearing jewellery played an important role on the battlefield. Life can sometimes feel like a battle field. How wonderful and important to have something made - just for you. Something which holds deep meaning and reminds you to take courage in life and feel your own power. This is what Rosie Odette bespoke is all about. Wearing jewellery to encourage self-belief and powerful intentions.

I love watching the art of lapidary. It is so clever and holds such a great history. Interestingly the process of gem cutting is never attractive - quite the opposite. It is the story of the ugly duckling transforming into the mighty swan. That's we humans. Constantly polishing ourselves to shine and become better, more beautiful versions of ourselves.