The Power of Jewellery and Gemstones

The Power of Jewellery and Gemstones

We all possess a treasured piece of jewellery. Whether it is an inexpensive item or a treasured family heirloom that we keep locked away in a box and only wear on a special occasion, the sentiment, powerful meaning and feeling behind the piece is the same. It makes us feel empowered, safe and treasured in some mystical way. 
I wear my best rings every day. I always encourage my clients to wear ALL of their best rocks. Do not hide your most precious pieces in a locked box, wear them, because wearing them says something about who you are to the world.
Rocking my butterfly necklace in Old Town, Ibiza

I wear my bi-colour pink and green butterfly tourmaline pendant every day. Why? To remind me that I am in constant flux between the darkness of my cocoon and the free, vibrant, beautiful butterfly that naturally cross-pollinates across daily life, spreading joy and the message of transformation and freedom to myself and others. It is a real process. The caterpillar transforms from the dark soup of its cocoon to absolute beauty and freedom.

However, how long we can stay in this positive state depends on the state of our hearts and minds. That's where having symbolic reminders such as jewellery can help remind us. 

Bi-colour pink & green Tourmaline necklace from Limited Edition collection

We all desire a positive self-image, but it can be challenging to feel this way about ourselves a lot of the time. Every day I wear this piece. I have even surfed in it and concussed myself whilst doing it - but my butterfly necklace was still intact. 

Only once I have removed all of my rings and earrings do I consider myself naked. The necklace, however, stays on. Resting on my heart chakra area, sending me all of the wonderful healing vibrations and energies of tourmaline.

The piece stays on because it is simply a reminder of my best, most powerful and beautiful self and no matter the darkness in life I may face, I have the power to transform it. It is held within my innate, natural intelligence. I say, wear jewellery to make an impact on yourself. It is so important to invest in art and treasure for your body. 
Queen Cobra from Divinity Collection. A collection of 'power rings'. These rings are a stunning statement, unashamedly created to unfurl and reflect your higher self. 

We all like to decorate our houses, bathrooms and gardens, but how about our bodies? The most ingenious creation and sacred 'walking temple' that we have. Throughout ancient history, people have been decorating their bodies. 
'Emeralds are one of the three main precious gemstones along with rubies and sapphires and are known for their fine green to bluish-green colour. They have been treasured throughout history, and some historians report that the Egyptians mined emerald as early as 3500 BC.'
It has also been said that queen Cleopatra had such an infinity with emeralds that she had emerald mines named after her. Now that, is what I call a Queen. 
Fortunately, now we can all wear jewellery to our own pleasing whether that be a charming fake emerald necklace from Claire’s Accessories or a stunning solitaire diamond engagement ring from Tiffany, it really isn’t for anyone to judge the sentimental value or meaning behind the piece. Because value and the meaning of the piece is the value and meaning you place on it and what it really means to you. This is the powerful effect and deeper beauty of wearing jewellery.
The Odette Cocktail & Engagement Ring from Regal Collection.
Inspired by my late grandmother, Odette. 

I still have my first ever dog's collar since 1991 when he died. An old dog collar made from steel. I think this says it all when it comes to sentimental value. You cannot put a price on it. I don’t wear it, I could, but it isn’t my style. However, I have kept it as a treasured memory of my first dog who I Ioved to the moon and back, and still love, 30 years later. You cannot beat meaningful, loving and happy memories and you certainly cannot put a price tag of 'value' on it. 
I say to all of my clients, your jewellery is to be worn as a part of you. Queens wear crowns as an expression of their status, power and value. I say crown yourself! We are all unsung heroes of our own life, queens and kings of this glorious universe and the incredible journey that we call ‘life’. To wear a piece of jewellery that reminds you and is a statement of your lineage, doesn't get more powerful. 

The Queen of Crowns Star Ruby Ring from Regal Collection.
Just how knights adorned themselves in star rubies on battlefields to protect them from their foe and amethyst was worn on the breastplates of High Priests to demonstrate their holiness, it is time to give your own personal and powerful meaning to your jewellery. 
I wear my jewellery to remind me of my innate dignity and inner beauty. We are all a precious wonder of life and I encourage all of my clients to embrace themselves and their jewellery in this way. You are the diamond, the ruby, the emerald and the sapphire. You are the treasure. The temple. The deity. We all are.
These gemstones and the jewellery I make are a metaphor of your inherent, divine greatness. Jewellery created to tell your story of you and your life. Your highs, your lows and your breakthroughs and most importantly, that you have always been perfect, just as you are. No tweaks, no changes. Just how you look at an inclusion in a beautiful gemstone and value it as rare and even more beautiful is exactly how you could see and embrace yourself. 
Labradorite Cocktail Ring & Earrings from Opulence Collection

We live in an age where following a designer brand and wearing their iconic designs makes us feel like 'somebody'. Or trying to look like our ideal celebrity to feel attractive or worthy. I say, you are the hero of your own life. There is no one ‘higher’ than you or more powerful or more precious. You have everything you need inside you to create a happy and fulfilled life for yourself. The key is to shine that light that you shine on others, back on you. And discover your own ‘treasure chest’ waiting to be unearthed. Just start digging beneath your feet - that is where you will find it.
Carve your own path, create your own style, connect to your own voice, heart and soul. You are the star of your life and you get to choose how to tell that story best through the most unique and precious piece of jewellery. We are all diamonds in the rough. Be the celebrity of your own life. We all have icons that we admire, Beyonće is a huge icon for female empowerment and inner strength. I admire her myself. However, as an avid supporter of female empowerment (and empowerment for all), I encourage you to shine that light back on yourself with the same awe and wonder because that very same power resides within you.
This is the true power of wearing jewellery and gemstones, to ignite your own inner power and beauty, hope and courage. Awaken to your own humanity. This is the most beautiful and powerful thing you possess. And when you do wake up, make it shine as bright as you can and light the way for others. 
The world is your stage and you are the scriptwriter of your life. Go shine. 
Rosie. X