Remodel, Upcycle, and Repurpose Your Family Heirlooms into Contemporary Bespoke Custom Designs

Redesign, Upcycle, and Repurpose Your Jewellery and Family Heirlooms into Contemporary Bespoke Custom Designs

We all possess a precious family heirloom, a loose gemstone or an old diamond engagement ring, sitting in a jewellery box gathering dust and most of us don't know what to do with it. 

I specialise in remodelling, upcycling and repurposing your old wedding bands, once-loved diamond engagement rings, sentimental jewellery and family heirlooms passed down through many generations and transform them into your individual custom made Rosie Odette design. 

How it all started...

The Odette Cocktail Ring from Regal Collection 

I had an emerald ring that my grandmother Odette left me. I wanted to connect a piece of me and a piece of her. On one of my gem hunts in India, I sourced a ruby and fashioned a new ring from the original - a ring to last me a lifetime. A ring that spoke to who I was today and also held my grandmother close to my heart every day. I called it 'The Odette', and Rosie Odette Jewellery was born.

I can do this for you. Create your dream piece of jewellery from forgotten heirlooms that symbolise you. Something for you to invest in, hold close and pass down for many more generations to come.

Contact me to book an informal chat about your dream bespoke design. I cannot wait to see your hidden gems and long-kept family heirlooms.

Have a look at some of my favourite redesigns of family heirlooms below...

Suyumba’s Story - Transformation of a Family Heirloom ~
Suyumba's Sri Lankan grandmother left Suyumba a 22 carat gold bangle. I melted her grandmother's bangle into 18-carat yellow gold (to make it stronger) and transformed it into our ever-so-popular Healing Queen Ring from Regal Collection and set her with this stunning diamond and tear-shaped ruby. This custom upcycled ring is for her pinky finger. So unusual and pretty. 

22 carat gold bangle from Suyumba's grandmother

Creative process. Melted down and transformed into 18 carat gold

Remodelled heirloom transformed to a ruby & diamond Healing Queen pinky design, from Regal collection.


Regal Philosophy ~
Royalty adorned themselves with jewels for their protective healing powers and as a display of their own unique worthiness and power. This exclusive collection brings that ancient tradition back to life.

Jane’s Story - Remodel of Jane's mother's family heirlooms
Jane came to me with her late mother’s rings. I remodelled the gold cross that her mother left her. Brought her back to life with rubies and champagne diamonds. Then we took her favourite gold charms from a bracelet and placed them on a gold chain with the cross her mother passed down. The result? A beautiful assembly of Jane’s favourite pieces of jewellery passed down from precious family, holding wonderful family memories that Jane can wear close to her heart 

Jane's mother's cross repurposed with ruby and champagne diamonds

Fabiana's Story - Remake of her grandmother's vintage ruby and diamond pinky ring in white and yellow gold.
This stunning vintage style ruby and diamond ring is made with a beautiful combination of white and yellow gold. This is a remake of a much loved and lost ring of Fabiana’s late grandmother. Fabiana had a few photos of her grandmother's ring before she lost it and along with my memory when I first spotted the original vintage pinky ring on Fabs finger, we managed to bring her old ring back to life. And I’m so pleased we did. What a stunning piece of vintage style jewellery this is. A once-loved family heirloom that was so sadly lost has now been resurrected and recreated for many more generations to come.

White & yellow gold vintage style ruby & diamond pinky ring.

Fabiana wearing her vintage style pinky ring with joy!

Stephanie's Story - Redesign of her mother's family heirloom. 
What a stunning remodel this was to make. Two stacking rings, one set with three diamonds in rose gold and the other set with three emeralds and one diamond in white gold. A family heirloom of gemstones passed down, originally redesigned into a ‘Boodles’ copy.

Stephanie's 'Boodle copy'

But Stephanie felt it wasn’t elegant or delicate enough, or ‘her’. She wanted her custom ring to be more versatile so she could wear it with for all occasions. I gave Stephanie the option of two custom rings in different gold in a stunning contemporary floral design which could be worn together or separately.

 Stephanie's transformation! Two stacking rings in white and rose gold. 

Diamonds impart fearlessness, invincibility and fortitude. Emerald imparts wisdom, love and great harmony.

Sarah’s Story - A redesign of Sarah’s late grandmother's emerald ‘Diana’ ring.
I am in love with this latest remodelled ring. I redesigned an emerald ring from her late grandmother and transformed her into this Art Deco beauty. It’s such a special thing to do, transform a family heirloom and keep precious memories alive for more generations to come.

The 'before' photo's of Sarah's grandmothers rings waiting to be remodelled. 

Et Voila! Sarah's remodelled Art Deco emerald queen cocktail ring


Sarah wearing her new ring that speaks to her today...

Jame's Story - James father's wedding ring and grandfather's signet ring upcycled to James' custom wedding band.
One of my favourite repurposed and up-cycled redesigns of two family heirlooms. James came to me with his Fathers wedding ring and Grandfathers signet ring. I melted down both rings, added a touch more gold and made this stunning, bold yet elegant wedding band for James to say ‘I Do’ on his special day. I am so happy with this piece. It feels so special to know Jame’s custom wedding ring holds generations of his family’s memories and no doubt will hold more memories to come.

James' father's wedding ring and grandfather's signet ring

Jame's repurposed and remodelled wedding band - ready for his special day.

Creative process smelting Jame's family heirlooms

Pip’s Story - A repurposed aapphire angagement ring to make Pip’s engagement ring
One of my favourite redesigns at Rosie Odette to date. From a precious family heirloom, Pip’s grandmother's engagement ring, a classic Edwardian style engagement ring, an antique beauty - which I personally love - repurposed into a contemporary and organic in style engagement ring perfectly made for Pip. Pip wanted a piece of her grandmother to wear every day. Et Voila, we have what we call ‘Up-Cycling’. A creative process where we take the gems from your loved ones and transform them into a beautiful piece of jewellery that you would love to wear today. Carrying a piece of your heart, and theirs, throughout more generations to come. This new engagement ring will one day be passed down to Pip’s daughter. The thought of this just makes me smile.

Design process and Pip's grandmother's engagement ring

Creative process making Pip's new ring

Pip's repurposed and remodelled blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

The real value of jewellery is when it truly means something to you. Make the decision to breathe fresh life and new design into your unworn treasure. Reveal the true value of your hidden family heirloom and transform it into a unique piece of jewellery that truly speaks to who you are today. 

Contact me to book an informal chat about your dream bespoke design. I cannot wait to see your hidden gems and long-kept family heirlooms!