Rosie Odette Gem Hunt in Tucson - discovering her new 2023 limited edition collection of heart-healing stones

Rosie Odette Gem Hunt in Tucson discovering her new 2023 limited edition collection of heart-healing stones.

"It is the heart that is important" 

- Nichiren Daishonin 


“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the Little Prince


The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. 

- Ernest Hemingway 


“Everything has a crack in it; that's how the light gets in.”

- Leonard Cohen


I am an avid gem hunter. From my gem-hunting travels, I became a jeweller. A member of The Goldsmith's Centre in London, I consult with clients in Ibiza, Mexico, London and the USA. 

I specialise in creating unique pieces that reflect your individual journey and style, combining the magic and frequencies of the gemstones that you are intuitively drawn to. 

The Receiving Queen ring is set with 1.25 carats of Pink Diamond in 18 carat rose gold.

I travel around the world to hand-select rare, one-of-a-kind gemstones to create one-off, limited edition pieces.

I fuse the unique combination of my designs, the power of gemstones and the power of you, and I alchemise these elements into a glorious piece of jewellery that tells your story.

If you are curious about the magic and wonder of gemstones and why you are drawn to them, read on, your Spiritual Bling journey starts here...

Tuscon Gem Show, Arizona. 

Finally, I arrived at the largest, oldest and most prestigious gem and mineral show in the world, Tucson. Words cannot describe how exhilarated I felt.

The best stone of the show. 7.21 pigeon blood Burmese Ruby and Diamond ring.

I travelled across the globe to have 8 whole days just to witness and source some of the finest gemstones and minerals in the world. From 1 million-dollar ruby and emerald rings to eight-foot amethyst wings. It was breathtaking. Tucson truly is one the best gem shows in the world. 

I always work with what rock I am drawn to the most. Because there is a unique energy and frequency in the stone with which I will benefit from working with. I also celebrate any inclusions in stones as part of life’s imperfections that we all hold within us. 

A whopping rough shard of Watermelon Tourmaline.

I design and wear my jewellery as part of my own story and my own personal healing journey. Quite often people say to me my style is individual. The only reason for this is because I literally make it for myself and what I feel I need to wear and then I share, encourage and inspire others to wear their jewellery as a part of them and to tune into and to work with the power and beauty of gemstones. 

Rocking my rings. Every ring has a story and each gem has a special power for you to resonate with.

Because I use stones as a fine-tuning healing tool to assist me on my own healing journey and inspiration for the next design, every time I literally go on a journey with them. I say yes to their calling. Every time, without fail, I am blown away by what I discovered when I go away and look up their special powers and healing properties. It’s almost freaky. 

This year’s gem hunt has taught me to listen to my heart, give myself permission to love my heart into healing, and embrace self-compassion. Holding space for yourself and others is the most powerful healing tool that we have. How often do we do this for ourselves though? I have spent most of my life in a state of fright or flight, living from my head, not from my heart. Finally, I am coming into my body. My heart and my soul. Home. The only place to live and be from. You can’t be present from the mind. The heart is the most powerful and important organ and tool that we possess. It is the greatest, smartest sat nav you will ever use. And it’s here, free, now, waiting for you to listen to it so it can serve you. Guide you, heal you. And ultimately, help make you happy. 

When we choose to heal ourselves, we are automatically healing the karmic part of the world that we vibrate and resonate in. When we do that, we automatically give permission for the people around us to also heal. It all starts with you.

Second best in show gemstone. Precious Midnight Blue Black Opal 17.69 carats.

At the time I was going through a deep heartbreak. 14 months prior to my Tucson gem hunt my mum and my dog both passed within a week of each other. My birthday was coming up at Tucson and my heart was aching. 

Grief really packs a punch. Physically, mentally and emotionally. One can feel like they will never feel happiness again. A broken heart is a broken heart. But through the right healing modalities you can definitely heal. 

Being surrounded by incredible gemstones momentarily suspended my grief. I was in awe of the beauty and the energy of these incredible precious stones. I very quickly stumbled across this stunning shard of rubellite. Oh, my, days. When I saw this piece that was it. It was love at first sight. A very organic and rustic-looking piece, but I felt the power and the magnificence of it. 

I instantly had a vision for a really powerful and huge meditation pendant (to wear for myself) that jumped out of my imagination.

This was going to be part of my daily practice, not just something beautiful which I could also use as a tool to connect to my heart but also a talking point to open up the conversation so people who felt drawn to Rubellite (if their energetic field is calling it in) could ask me about it. 

For me, this was the pièce de résistance. My gem hunt mission really started to unfold for myself and others. I was searching with my heart, and my head was on the back burner. 

What is the meaning of Rubellite? 
Keywords from The Book of Stones: Alignment of the individual and Universal heart, healing of the heart and the emotions, rekindling one’s passions for life. Heart chakra. Rubellite vibrates in deep resonance with the heart chakra. It goes deeper than other heart stones which may activate this energy centre and stimulate loving feelings. It strengthens one’s heart and links it to the heart of the earth. It has the potential to open one to love that goes beyond human relationships - the love that permeates the universe. Rubellite benefits the emotional heart as well. It allows one to draw upon Universal Love energies when one is working to heal emotional wounds. It reminds one that ‘heartbreak’ can mean ‘heart opening’, and that grief can be as valuable as joy”. 

The only thing that heals a broken heart is love. And this stone Rubellite is the deepest stone to work with the heart. Wow, what a draw. I couldn’t have chosen a deeper stone to work with. Rubellite is also known as Tourmaline. But its ruby-like colour means it is a Rubellite. It is one of the most expensive and sort-after of the Tourmalines other than Paraíba.

Ok. My gem hunt was starting to take shape and reveal that my heart was drawn to deeply healing heart chakra stones. 

Stunning Emerald. Emeralds are really powerful stones associated with the heart chakra.

After this amazing find, I immediately saw the design in my head. I will transform this Rubellite shard into my no.1 meditation pendant which will hang from a 20-inch rose gold chain, wrapped in rose gold and set in a crown of Demantoid Garnets.

Stunning 3mm Demantoid Garnets for the crown of rose gold. 

Demantoid Garnets are glistening green Garnets which I discovered on this gem hunt, minutes after I purchased my Rubellite. They are the most precious of all garnets. 

Natural, uncut Demantoid. 

What is the meaning of Demantoid? 
One of the most notable Demantoid Garnet properties is its connection to the heart chakra. This makes it a powerful tool for emotional healing and releasing blockages. It can also stimulate the Solar Plexus, which enhances personal power, confidence, and self-esteem. The perfect healing tool in the making, my next extra-special piece of Spiritual Bling. 

There are seven main chakras in the body that control different parts and functions of the body. Their names are: mooladhara (root chakra), swadhishthan (sacral chakra), manipura (navel chakra), anahata (heart chakra), vishuddhi (throat chakra), ajna (forehead chakra) and sahasrara (crown chakra).

Soon after this purchase, I was strangely drawn to Watermelon Tourmalines. I have never been a big fan of the classic-looking Watermelon Tourmaline, the bright pink and green contrast is wonderful but the colours were too much like a boiled sweet, but I just couldn’t get enough of their vibration. 

I spent so much time in this particular tent, jam-packed full of tourmalines. Suddenly I came across this really unique colour combination of Watermelon Tourmaline. They popped out at me because of their most unusual and really classy, beautiful colour combination, especially if combined with rose gold. 

Watermelon Tourmaline for my Limited Edition Collection 2023

Exquisite, Watermelon Tourmaline shards of this stunning ‘dusty pink’ and green-blue shade. Subtle and also really unique at the same time. Understated. I asked the dealer about this particular shade of Watermelon Tourmaline and he said that was rare and they only found this special colour combination in their family mine that year. He wasn't sure if they could find them again. 

From that moment I spent 4 days hand-selecting the best pieces I could find. As I was sifting through my selection many dealers walked by and said to me - ‘you have something really special there’ to which I replied, ‘I know’. 

17.35 carats of Green Tourmaline. Another really powerful associated heart chakra gemstone. 

When people ask me how I know what is an unusual or rare stone, I respond with ‘It’s just intuition, the nose and the eye’. You just have a feel for it. It’s like sniffing out antiques in the antique world. 

I scooped up 7 pendants with 7 matching earrings and I chose a particularly big piece for me. I envisioned making really fine meditation pendants in rose gold. Rose gold has copper in it which works powerfully with the gemstone’s electromagnetic field. 

If you want to be one of the 7 people to have one of the limited edition collection pieces please email me or contact me directly on my WhatsApp at +44 7428 666570. 

I knew I had chosen the right gemstones when I looked into the properties of these stones back in my hotel room, yet again, I was blown away by being drawn to what you need. 

Making friends, amazing gem deals and discussing hand-carving stones for next year's limited edition collection...

What is the meaning of Watermelon Tourmaline?
Here are some keywords from The Book of Stones for watermelon Tourmaline: ‘Calm, joy. Heart chakra. Watermelon Tourmaline is particularly well suited to working simultaneously with the physical, emotional and spiritual components of the heart and awakening the ‘higher heart’, the energy centre just above the heart chakra which is also known as the ‘seat of the soul’. 

When one’s emotional experience is defined by the rising and ebbing tides of the events of life, happiness is often short-lived. However, Watermelon Tourmaline teaches one the meaning of joy - that unbounded happiness which is not caused by any external circumstances but is instead the natural condition of being. This is also the source of Watermelon Tourmaline’s capacity for healing’.

Another stunning coloured Watermelon Tourmaline. 

Just writing about this makes me feel emotional and so encouraged at the same time. I was definitely connecting to my heart and what my heart needed from the stones in such a natural way. Mother Earth is so powerful. Everything we need is already here. 

Last but not least, I came across a stunning cushion cut Morganite. I have been looking for a special piece of morganite for years. The right colour and shape. Not only did I find the perfect stone, but I also found the perfect dealer for my next limited-edition range. Each gemstone will be especially hand cut to order. Only 10 will be available. 

Stunning peachy-coloured Morganite. Heart chakra stone. 

What is the meaning of Morganite? 
Keywords from The Book of Stones for Morganite: Divine love and compassion. Heart chakra. 

Morganite is also called the ‘Pink Emerald’, and it is aptly named. It speaks of the abundance of the heart and the property of Love. It helps attune one to the energy of abundance and to open and to receive the love of the Divine. While Emerald’s frequency stimulates worldly prosperity, Morganite brings a sense of emotional abundance, love and peaceful acceptance and trust for the Divine’s plan for one’s life. 

What a profound and unforgettable gem hunt 2023 has been and the beginning of even greater opportunities, magnificent gemstones and more exquisite limited edition collections to come. I now have these magnificent stones cut to order for each ring and each pendant available for sale from September.  

Exquisite Art Deco Style Emerald and Diamond Ring. Heart chakra stone.

I always say to my clients, what you are drawn to, is what you need. The gemstone is calling you and it wants to work with you and your electromagnetic field. We are organic beings so we fluctuate all the time. Crystals and gemstones are solid crystalline structures. They literally hold a solid energetic frequency in their crystalline structure.  Because we are organic beings, we are drawn to the crystal and automatically adapt our frequency to the frequency of the gemstones. It’s magnetic. 

Breathtaking Purple Spinel & Diamond Ring. Spinel is becoming increasingly popular for fine jewellery. 

We also have a crystal in our head which is called our Pineal Gland. The word crystal comes from the Greek word ‘krystallos’, which means frozen light. The Pineal Gland is made from calcite crystals. These crystals interact with electromagnetic fields originating from outside of your head. This crystal also creates your electromagnetic field which helps create your telepathy and also your intuition. 

The more consciously we tune into these precious ‘energetic frequency tools’ the more powerful and in alignment we can be. 

I couldn’t have comprehended the winds of adversity that hit me in the last two years. However, coming out of the other side of the storm, it really has taught me so much. It has broken down my walls and broken me open to the best version of myself which I am deeply grateful for. It’s all there. Mother Earth’s supporting me and calling me to do the healing of my heart. 

Those that we love and lose, are always with us. They are in the cycle of birth and death. Human life is a single wave rising up from the sea which then flows back into the vast ocean of oneness. That’s how fleeting and precious all of life is. Life and our deceased loved ones are all around us. In the air, the earth, the sea, the elements, the stones. We are all made up of the elements of the universe. We are the ‘precious gemstones’. 

12.76 carat Alexandrite and Diamond ring. Alexandrite is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Another heart chakra stone. 

I have really learnt how precious and how short life is. Stones come and go, they are beautiful and precious, but people and life are even more so. It is so important to treasure the people in front of us and that first person starts with you. It starts with your heart. 

Live a life that is authentic and true to your heart. Be brave. And come what may, love all of those around you as if it is your last day. 

With love,