The Ametrine Queen Cocktail Ring From Regal Collection

The Ametrine Queen Cocktail Ring. This ring holds a very special place in my heart and was born from our very first collection, The Regal Collection. Our Regal Collection is about stepping into your highest self. Your Queen. Your greatness. Your creative potential and celebrating yourself in all of your flaw-some glory.

At the time of making this ring I was going through strong winds of adversity. I wanted to make a ring that reminded me of who I am. A ring to symbolise my strength and beauty that lies within, a ring that could speak this truth to all women and remind them of their power. 

At the time I was in India. I decided to make my first collection there and hired a bench in a local Bengali workshop in Palolem, Goa. I went on a treasure hunt inspired to look for gemstones that I naturally gravitated to. I came across these wonderful Ametrine gemstones. Ametrine is an unusual stone, which naturally occurs in quartz when amethyst and citrine reside in the same crystal and it is SO pretty! In that magical packet of gemstones, I saw my first ring, The Ametrine Queen.

I made my own rose gold sourcing pure 22 carat yellow gold from the local town and copper. I then went back to the worksop to smoulder it. Funnily enough, the pure 22 carat yellow gold had a queen's head on the back of it! I felt that my first ring of this collection was truly meant to be. 

I wanted to celebrate this awesome rock in all of her flawsome glory. I carefully hand-carved an 18 carat rose gold throne, worthy for her to sit on and display her magical healing powers and exquisite beauty.

Working away in the studio, hidden in the back streets of the village, the boys in the workshop kindly took me under their wing.

I spoke pidgin-Hindi and they spoke pidgin-English but together we muddled through, forging wonderful friendships founded on smiles, good will and a lot of Pictionary.

Every morning Raj would greet me with a piping hot curry for breakfast. Which literally blew my mind.

I had a lot of fun developing my skills in jewellery in the workshop and soon became part of their family. I finished my ring and felt proud as punch as the tools and machinery were much more challenging to use than back home.

After I finished my ring, I looked into the properties of ametrine and I just grinned from cheek to cheek. She was everything I needed and more. 

Ametrine is a highly positive stone and can help release blocked energy from the solar plexus. The energy responsible for personal power, self-esteem and confidence. The combination of citrine and amethyst promotes your creativity, opening you to all that the world has to offer you. She is an extremely energetic stone and will stimulate your power and creativity to the fullest. These gems are full of life, helping you to release your inner Diva. Yes Please. Inspired by my treasure hunt in India, my diamond logo for Rosie Odette Jewellery was born.

I sourced five ametrine on my travels in India, and decided to make her a special, limited edition ring. A ring to remind you that you have the transformative powers and resources to break though any adversity and step into your highest self. Your Queen. And regardless of what challenges life throws at you - to never let that crown slip from your head!  

After all, our deepest struggles are only ever there to create a more, beautiful and powerful, you.