'Pop' The Question' with an Alternative Engagement Ring

Jump outside the box and pop the question with an alternative engagement ring!

Last year we had the pleasure of making unique and exquisite alternative engagement rings at Rosie Odette. Some were chosen from our Regal Collection, some were bespoke, but one in particular - a stunning redesign from a family heirloom. A complete transformation of a sentimental ring, redesigned into something unique and contemporary - made to be passed down for further generations to come. 

With Valentine's Day around the corner you might be thinking about popping the question - but desperately not wanting to go down the conventional route! Gone are the days of a solitaire diamond ring, or in many cases, any diamonds at all! People are turning away from the ’perfect’ brilliant cut diamond you might find in Tiffany's. 

Now, people are wanting to wear something truly unique, unusual and with more meaning. 

Rings with colourful gemstones that have been made for divine guidance like our Queen of Crowns Ring from Regal Collection, set with a star ruby. Or striking coloured gemstones such as our unusual baguette cut peridot, cut especially for our Peridot Empress Ring from Regal Collection. Or maybe you would still love a precious diamond but with more character and usual beauty? Our exquisite brown and grey diamonds we chose for our stunning vintage-style bespoke Hers & Hers engagement rings might just be the understated bling you are looking for. These unique diamonds offer a fire and glow like no other. Truly beautiful, they ooze that vintage style and glamour you would only find on a Hollywood 50’s style red carpet! 

We say - don't feel the pressure to turn to a classic diamond, sapphire, ruby, or emerald engagement ring! Jump outside the box and be brave! Think differently about the kind of ring you would really like to pop the question with. Something that will last forever and that will symbolise your love perfectly for each other. Something truly unique to you. 

Whether you decide to use a traditional diamond ring or go for an alternative style, with the choice of our online collections, bespoke or option to up-cycle a treasured family heirloom, we thought we would post our top three favourite alternative engagement rings that we made to inspire you to pop the question with something truly different. 

Stunning, bespoke Rosie Odette Hers & Hers Engagement Rings. hand-carved from wax, cast in 18 carat yellow gold and 18 carat rose gold. These vintage-style engagement rings have been set with grey and brown diamonds. We are a huge fan of grey and brown diamonds at Rosie Odette. They give a vintage style glamour that you only find in fine antique jewellery or on the Hollywood carpet! Timeless rocks of beauty, these precious diamonds hold inclusions in them which is what creates their unique fire and warm tones. Imperfections are perfection in life, and these rings are just exquisite. Diamond translates as 'Adamas', meaning 'invincible' in Greek. They impart fearlessness, invincibility and fortitude. Great attributes for life long commitment and true love.  

Below, The Peridot Empress from Regal Collection. Chic, stylish, understated glamour. A true statement ring for a strong minded woman. In the words of Fran Lebowitz, "I'm not interested in being a wife. I'm interested in being an Empress!" This is a truly alternative engagement ring for truly alternative woman! Many different gemstones can be found in meteorites that have fallen to earth, but peridot is the only one found in large enough sizes to make jewellery from. This contemporary ring features a four carat, electric green peridot gem, set in a crown of 10 carat yellow gold. Peridot is said to enhance confidence, assist you in seeing your brilliance and recognise that you are deserving of love.

Rosie Odette bespoke engagement ring transformed from a family heirloom into something 'Pip' would love wear today. Beautiful, cushion cut, deep blue sapphire turned upside down and set with diamonds, made in rose gold. This was once her grandmother's ring. But Pip wanted a more contemporary, organic style, both pretty and delicate. She was over the moon with the ring and so were we. A truly alternative engagement ring indeed. Made to be handed down and treasured for many more generations to come.