Ruby, July Birthstone

The month of July is upon us. Summer is in full swing, Wimbledon tennis is on and it’s time for Pimm’s and lemonade on those balmy, summer nights. Those fortunate enough to be born in the summer month of July are members of Cancer and Leo zodiac signs. 

Ruby was the birthstone of the most famous Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar. It is little surprise that the ruby sits as a birthstone of the famous and fortunate, including celebrity and artists, Cat Stevens, Will Ferrell and Jennifer Lopez.

The name Ruby comes from rubeus, the Latin word for red. Throughout history, ruby has been considered the king of gems and for good reason. Extremely desirable, it is known for its strength. In fact its only rival is the diamond. It’s coveted for its bright, fiery-red colours and lustrous warmth, making it the most popular red gemstone in the gem world. It is revered and yearned for, a symbol of love, passion, protection, prosperity and courage. 

Reputed as a stone of courage, Chinese noblemen adorned their armour with rubies because they believed the gem would grant them protection. Star rubies were worn by knights in the battlefield to protect themselves from their foes. Some ancient cultures believed you could walk through fire if you held a ruby in your hand and that rubies grew on trees, just like fruit! These stunning, fiery red gems, were known for conjuring up powerful feelings of belief and spiritual strength. It’s no wonder this extraordinary gemstone has been revered so highly since ancient times. A wonderful birth stone to be worn with strong intent!

A gem that symbolises and evokes powerful feelings, ruby possess a strong energy for love and sensuality, making it a wonderful gemstone for an engagement ring. It’s the perfect wedding gemstone and is gifted on 15th and 40th anniversaries as a gem of deep love.  

Whether you are looking for anniversary jewellery, July birthstone jewellery or an affirming piece of bespoke jewellery to enhance your warm and vibrant strength, you can rest assured that by choosing ruby, you will be wearing a king of gems.