Rosie Odette Running The Athens Marathon To Raise Money For Tender

Hello everyone! 

Thank you so much for supporting our cause to raise funds for Tender. A wonderful and very progressive charity that focuses on raising awareness and education for kids in schools about domestic abuse and violence. 

As some of you already know, I am running the Athens Marathon on the 10th of November for financial sponsorship from you lovely people. 

Currently, Tender are active in schools across London and many cities north of London in the UK, except for the South of England. 

Myself and my running partner, Xeni Milonas’s dream, is to bring Tender to schools in the South of England. Starting with our secondary school, Cardinal Newman in Hove where we met many moons ago.

For this to happen, we need to raise £2,200 for one workshop. One workshop will be run over two days in the school where 25 students will be selected to create a performance on the issue of domestic abuse and violence, and present it to the rest of school. 

A difficult topic to address, domestic abuse and violence is still largely accepted and unrecognised in our culture and because of this rarely talked about or transformed. 

However, Tender are doing a fantastic job educating kids in a safe, educational environment and informative way by using the arts to show fellow peers how to spot abuse and violence, what it is, and what constitutes a respectful, loving and healthy friendship and or relationship. 

The workshop also caters to the teachers in the school, helping them to become aware of kids that may be having trouble at home or among their peers. 

Statistically, kids between the ages of 16 and 24 are the most vulnerable and likely to be involved in an abusive and violent relationship. A close topic to my heart, I feel that kids are the future and through tackling this difficult issue through educating young people, we can therefore empower the youth to create a society and culture where respecting the dignity of their own lives and the lives of others is held in the highest regard. 

Our dream is that by raising enough funds to hold one or two workshops - depending on how our fundraising goes - that we can start the spark of Tender educating schools across the south of England and transform our culture of domestic abuse and violence through education. 

I will be posting my ‘diavlogs’ soon, sharing my own thoughts and journey on this topic and a lot of moaning about how much I hate running and love fast food and eating doughnuts. 

But for now, here is a link to my Go Fund Me link for any funds you would like to contribute and a link to Tender where you can see the amazing workshops they currently hold in schools. 

Thanks so much everyone for your amazing support! Many thanks for your help and financial contributions in advance.

If you would like to donate to our cause, please just click on ‘Tender’ in the title at the top and you will click straight through to our Go Fund Me page. Many thanks !

Rosie X