February full moon in Leo, the Fire Opal and how to powerfully meditate with your crystals...

February full moon in Leo, the Fire Opal and how to meditate with your crystals...

What can I say? This has probably been the best week of my life in a while, topping it off with an epic full moon in Leo on my birthday, the 5th of February and the gemstone of Leo is fire opals, one of my favourite gemstones.

This is going to be an excellent year, I can feel it already...

An incredible week, from ogling one million dollar rings with one-of-a-kind gemstones to epic shards of rough Rubellite and 6-foot plus butterfly wings of Amethyst. Not only is Amethyst one of my favourite gemstones but she is also a badass in the gem world for deep transformation.

I have been in crack heaven. Tucson is my version of Breaking Bad. I just cannot get enough - I am exhilarated and exhausted all at once. I’m back to feeling like my 8 year old self at the best party eating all of the best sweets. With an excellent goody bag of gemstones to take home with me...

Throughout my week of gem hunting in Tucson, I have been connecting with my amazing friend and gemologist Jo Williams. We have been collaborating on Instagram Lives, non-stop wax lycricalling about the power of gemstones - bridging the gap between the ‘woo woo’ and mysticism of gemstones and bling. A term that I have recently coined is ‘spiritual bling’ which perfectly encapsulates what I do. If you want to know how the frequency of gemstones can positively raise your vibration, tune into my Instagram Live with Jo. 

Click here to listen to our Live about how to best meditate on this rocking full moon.

So, we are still in the first quarter of this year. My first question to you is: How is your year going so far?

Are you already over your New Year’s resolutions?

Still feeling stuck in the ‘same old same old’ patterns playing out?

Wondering what your purpose is this year or even, just in life?

How about your vision for 2023….got one yet? Ever had one??

Whatever start of the year you have had, I urge you to use this full moon in Leo to your greatest advantage.

I grilled Jo on our Live to really give me a logical and grounded way to utilise this full moon. I asked her about the Fire Opal and what this gemstone is really about and how to get the best out of launching this full moon in Leo on February 5th - as our springboard for the rest of this year.

The first thing Jo said about Fire Opal that struck me was that it is a stone about following our bliss. The Fire Opal is a stone of personal ecstasy and we are here to enjoy ourselves. Life is short. Oh yes, it certainly is, and if we are here, struggling through life - lets just cut the crap out, cut to the chase and make it a life we enjoy. And only we can do that! 

And...how do we do that?

Start with your heart. Ask your heart what it really wants. It’s your most intelligent tool, your 'satnav'. It has your back 100%, AND it is totally free. All you need is to listen and focus. 

You can trust your heart. You just need courage. Yes, courage. Well, hang on a minute...isn't this full moon in Leo all about courage? YES, it is. Well, this is just perfect. The perfect energetic circumstances and moon for us to prepare our focus for this year ahead.

Sit still on this Sunday the 5th of February and ask your heart these simple and quick questions:‘If I had the courage, what would I be doing right now?’ ‘If this was my last day on earth, who would I say 'I love you' to? 'If I believed in myself, what action would I take in the next hour?'...

Leo is all about the heart and courage. Showing up and shining as You - just as you are.

In tonight's mediation, sit quietly with the question: ‘What is it that I really want?

'Who do I really want to be?'

'What do I want to achieve this year?'

And if it’s a one-in-a-million chance, you take that 1% chance and you make it happen. It’s down to you.

We also touched on how 23 is a seriously powerful number to manifest with this year. It’s a magical set of numbers with the opportunity for you to utilise its powers. I encourage you to look up the number @Jan108 on Instagram and check out his work…he is the absolute master of sacred geometry and numbers. 

When you meditate on this full moon, seriously let go of your shit. Let it go! Let it go and let it go and let it go - and out loud. No holds barred. Bin it. Like you’re an Olympic champion throwing the 'discus of your shit' - at the dump! Sling. It. Out.

That’s how you let go of your 'stuff' on a full moon.

Fire Opal is for Leo. However - you don’t have to use a fire open - quartz will do amazingly. Write your ‘dump list’ down. Write it down. The power of the written word is exponential. Write down what you’re calling in and what you’re slinging in the dump. Be crystal clear. And Burn it. Then rest your crystals on it and it will magnify the power of your intention to the next level. If you want to know why tune into the Live and hear it from the experts 'horse's mouth', your mind will be blown and you will be setting off self empowerment within your own sphere.

This year is your year. Make it your year. Find your inner Leo - the king of beasts associated with the heart of courage - and commit to yourself.

Commit to your happiness. Your bliss. Your ecstasy. Your greatness, Commit to You.

If you want to hear all of the details of how best to meditate and utilise your spiritual bling and to really focus this year, tune in to our recorded Live to get all the juicy info you need from healing crystals, how to leverage them in your favour and what crystals to place in your water to cleanse your electromagnetic field and frequencies and clear heavy metals from your system. 

So. Sunday night, sit down, gather your rocks, listen to your heart and meditate. Envision your dream year. Write it down. Feel it. Burn it. And energetically call it in.

Rest assured Jo and I will both be blissing out on our full moon meditation this Sunday, rocking our rocks and getting crystal clear on our vision for 23. 

Your spiritual bling journey begins here…

Rosie Odette X