Rough Pink Tourmaline

Struck gold. I have been on the hunt for baguette cut, pink tourmaline. Couldn't find any. But I have just found this bad girl, rubellite pink tourmaline in the rough. Ready and waiting to be cut. Amen. This is my kind of crack. It really is. Just look at the colours shining through this beauty! To find the rough tourmaline rock, choose the colour and have it cut to my specifications really is a dream come true for me. I am completely in love with the whole process. From rough rocks to bling rings.

I’m at the top of a gem cutting factory, filming this stunner - somewhere in the back streets of the Pink City, drooling. I can't wait to see the samples - praying they come out looking excellent.

Look at this stunning rubellite pink coming through this hunk-of-a-chunk of mother nature's finest work. I am going to really miss coming here. Also glad I purchased those watermelon butterflies for our limited edition collection, hand carved from the rough in this very factory.

Now it is time to hop on my bicycle and find my way home, daydreaming about my samples.