Rough Labradorite

Killer quality, rough labradorite. Just look at the fire on it! I am in heaven.

Not even cut or polished and that peacock blue is insane. I love labradorite - hence I use a lot of it in my Opulence Collection. It suits everyone. It is a gorgeous blue coloured gem and when it catches the light it brings a magical glow to whoever is wearing it. No filter on these beauties, and no need. Labradorite is known as the Peacock gem in the gem world, because she shimmers colours of deep indigo blue, green, pink hues and more. A truly versatile, beautiful gem - loved by many and a lot by me. Labradorite is a wonderful gem that brings back your kiddy magic, the best kind.

Here I am cracking a deal. This very piece of mother nature's magical rock is being used in our collections.