The Wreks Family Band

Well, today we got through to the national semi finals of UK Open Mic. Not my favourite experience I have to say.

In a nutshell, we were square pegs in round holes. Our music in my brother's words is a ‘lo-fi sibling wrek, Velvet Underground sound’

My brother use to be the drummer in a psychedelic rock band called 80’s Matchbox B-line Disaster. He had a good, old rock 'n' roll run of it! And now he’s in his new band with his skin and blisters. Gawd bless him!

Anyhoo, back to the audition, our mics weren’t turned on so we had to ‘start again’ - think Simon Cowell in X-Factor when there’s a technical ‘cock up’ moment. The dream. A wonderful challenge for my ego though, and after channelling white-knuckle energy to sing and perform out of my comfort zone, I’m glad we did it and that our efforts paid off.

Well done us and here we come.