Pearl, Gold, Acorn Charm & Champagne Diamond Necklace ~

Pearl Acorn Charm & Champagne Diamond Necklace ~

Hand-carved acorn pearl with charms. I adored making this piece. Made for a very special and magical person indeed, the very gifted Estelle Bingham. 

Set with an exquisite champagne diamond in a solid gold acorn charm.
The caramel hues from the champagne diamond inclusions symbolises the imperfections we hold in our hearts. The hurt that needs to heal. The diamond symbolises the wholeness and perfection that our heart already is.

Just how the tiny acorn grows into the great oak tree, this tiny golden acorn symbolises how we too can grow into great, fine, deep human beings.

The white pearl symbolises our purity, our wholeness, our humanity in its essence.

I created this necklace to symbolise the very journey a human being goes through. From suffering to joy. From pain, the purity. We can only experience the depth of happiness, strength and spirituality to the extent that we engage in the growing experience of what it means to be a human being.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We are here to evolve, to love each other, to heal as a collective. How much of that experience will you allow yourself to feel?

Creative Process Below
Here are all of the golden elements ! Each piece I have hand-carved and cast in solid gild. It is now time for me to solder these beauties together on a 20 inch solid gild chain necklace.

Here I am soldering away below, working my magic bringing this beautiful necklace together...