Marathon and NLP Training, Ibiza

I love October in Ibiza. It is really my favourite time of year. This island is getting quite quiet, the sunlight exudes this glorious golden light and the locals get to come out and enjoy themselves after a long and busy season.

I am here to see my amazing stockists, and friends, and complete a week of NLP training with Tristan Soams – a very talented and special coach.

I had the pleasure of this morning's marathon training in the Ibizan sunrise. While running, I realised that life at each moment is all about new beginnings when the sun rises.

Every day is a new opportunity to say ‘Yes’ to ourselves. To embrace the whole of ourselves, the good the bad and the ugly. But especially the parts we run away from. I like to call these our shadows. Our shadows are part of us. They are the other half of our light. And together this makes us whole.

As the sun rises and illuminates our lives, each new day is an opportunity for us to walk through the gate of courage and decide to love ourselves, embrace our imperfections, our flaws, our wounds, and still move towards the light. After all, we are the light. Some of us, including myself at times, have just forgotten.

Every day we have a choice to live the life we’ve always imagined. However, it can take courage and also healing of the shadows for us to fully embrace ourselves and live the life of our dreams.

Having just talked about the light, it is also the light at the end of a very long tunnel of brutal marathon training for me. Something I was initially very frightened of doing, I am actually really looking forward to putting all of this training and at many times, begrudging discipline into action and running the big race.

Just doing the marathon will be a huge achievement for me. Forget the pace, after all life is a marathon not a race, right?! But just a bench mark to say “I did it” and for a great cause, is good enough for me.

Courage is what life takes.

Rosie. X