How to Choose Bridal Jewellery that Speaks to and Celebrates Who You Are!

Rosie Odette speaks out with seven precious tips about why it is so important to choose bridal jewellery that speaks to your heart, not just your dress. 

Hi Ladies! My tips are here to help you be you and inspire you to rock being a trailblazer in wearing unique and individual jewellery on one of the best and most important days of your life. 

Okey dokey - let’s get cracking!

Tip 1 - Do not conform. 
For me, jewellery purely exists to tell your story. It is a symbolic and precious statement of your individuality. Being a big lover of jewellery and jewellery design, I adore it all - from the simple classic look, boho, glamour-puss, contemporary and the list goes on. 

That said - if we are all unique, which we are - why would want to wear the same 'look' as everyone else on the day that is supposed to be all about you?

When it comes to your special day, you want to invest in a piece of jewellery that you can wear forever after - and not just on a very special occasion. Why? Because jewellery is an investment - in you. So, if you are going to invest in a piece of jewellery make sure that the pieces you choose, tell your story and are the epitome of what you stand for. After all - jewellery is a personal statement, however large or small that statement is, it's about You, not what's trending. 

The whole ‘keep it simple’ vibe goes out of the window as a standard way to choose your bridal jewellery. That said - if you are a keep it simple kind of girl, fabulous! You know exactly what you are looking for and it will be a true statement of you. 

And, why an earth would you want to keep it simple and not make a statement?! It is beyond me! Spend that wedding money on an outrageous piece of jewellery, why the hell not. 

Also, wearing your rocks with meaning is important and I would say the most important part of your decision. Check out my latest blog on ‘Wear your rocks with powerful meaning’ and learn about the power of gemstones and how consciously connecting to what jewellery you wear can have a positive effect.  

Tip 2. Know thyself. Match your jewellery to YOU and then the style of your dress. 
The phrase “Know thyself" is a motto inscribed on the frontispiece of the Temple of Delphi. This assertion, imperative in the form, indicates that (man) woman - must stand and live according to her nature.


Choosing your dress is said to be the most important thing when it comes to your special day. But I think, choosing the right jewellery is even more important. Most brides get to wear their dress once. Why? Because although your dress (I have not seen it yet and I am sure it is stunning) most likely isn’t very versatile. And that is where selecting the right piece of jewellery comes in and is SO important. Why? Because you can wear your jewellery over and over and over again - not just on your special day, but every day. And every time you put your special piece of jewellery on, you will think back and connect to one of the best days of your life - Your wedding day. 

Jewellery is to be worn as a part of you - not just to match your dress as an accessory and to keep things ‘low key'. Again, if that is your style - you have nailed it already! But please don’t be put off about wearing the piece of jewellery that you really want to wear but don’t think it is traditional enough or not 'in keeping'. Your bridal jewellery should be like a tattoo of your wedding day - there to remind you and bring you back to those wonderful memories!

I understand that choosing your jewellery can be overwhelming amongst the white noise and down the trodden path of what one should wear, so I have carefully selected a diverse range of ‘looks’ from classic to stylish to boho to 'off piste' so you can get inspired and see what takes your fancy…

Pearl Drops from Bridal Collection for the classic look £250

Me, rocking our Chain & Arrow Earrings from Warrior Collection for the stylish look, worn by Tess Daley, Lucy Jo-Hudson and Anita Rani £150

Flower Chain Slider Earrings from Jaipur Princess Collection for the boho festival look £95

Me again, rocking our Black Pearl Shoulder Dusters for the trail-blazers £160

Tip 3 -Style of the dress.
If the style of your wedding dress is simple, then making a statement with a bejewelled necklace will give you a stunning look.

If your wedding dress has a high neck, go for some incredible earrings. The world is your oyster here. You can go stud, drop, long drop, full glamour, trendy - or you can go completely against the grain and wear a crazy headpiece worthy of Burning Man with an insane amount of bejewelled peacock feathers (that just came out and now I want to make it - blow a royal tiara out of the park). Work the style of your dress, OR work your style as just, You. You getting me? 

Be individual - you don’t have to perfectly match everything. You want to stand out and also let your jewellery speak for itself. Having slightly different styles and metal and gemstone colour tones just shows that you have style and that you know what you like. Amen to being different. 

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s wedding dresses and jewellery style were stunning for sure. That is if you like the classic ‘princess look’ (and that they are!). However, let’s not get caught into thinking you have to rock the same look. Not all of us are 'princess's (and after watching The Crown I don't want to be) but you can be an 'alternative princess' - that rocks the new look! Trust and believe, thousands of women behind you will be following behind you...

Tip 4 - Neckline (sigh) Who cares about the neckline, but...
Do not forget the back of your dress! There is nothing more attractive than having a detailed gemstone drop down the nape of your neck. Decorate every part of you. You are a temple worthy of being bejewelled on every area of your body. 

Our Triple Pearl Necklace from Bridal Collection celebrating every detail £375

Oh - and here is a photo from the Wealden Times featuring our Statuesque Earrings from Warrior Collection - especially chosen because these earrings are stunning, and they offer a very cool, chic, alternative bridal look. Note how the model has been styled with long earrings and a high neckline. Say whaaat?! And doesn't she look amazing? We think so too!

Statuesque Earrings from Warrior Collection for the alternative £175

Tip 5 - Shop from a trusted jeweller! Someone who cares about how you feel about your jewellery, not just how much you are spending. 

It is so important to purchase jewellery from a trusted jeweller. You will want to be able to have a lengthy conversation full of advice and to try on the pieces you are thinking of investing in and also someone who you can talk to about how to select the best pieces of jewellery to match your bridesmaids. Jewellery is deeply personal and there should be a lengthy discussion about the manifestation of your dream jewellery for your special day and all the girls who are supporting you. 

Tip 6 - Go Bespoke
You have your bespoke dress and bespoke engagement ring. But have you thought about commissioning a piece - just for you - to mark your special day? It could be a unique pair of diamond earrings, a blue sapphire necklace for ‘something blue’ or an exquisite bracelet or individual arm cuff. This is something to consider doing. Having a unique bespoke piece of jewellery made just for you, to celebrate you and how far you have come.

After all - this is what jewellery is all about. A precious statement piece to mark your milestones in this wonderful and cosmic journey called life. You might see and love an already existing design but want it slightly tweaked or you might want to use different gemstones to match all of your bridesmaids. Or you might choose a stone that epitomises your soul connection to your other half and the story of how you both met. Either way, why don't you create an entire collection or just one piece that is about you and just for you, rather than what's just on offer. Remember - think outside of the (jewellery) box! Excuse the pun. 

Our Rose Cut Diamond Earrings from Bridal Collection & Limited Edition Collection £1,850
Get inspired! I love our alternative rose cut diamond earrings. They symbolise us as women all being beautiful in our own right. Different shapes, sizes and sparkle! And diamond in Greek translates as 'Adamas' which means 'Invincible!'. What a powerful and precious gemstone to wear on your wedding day. 

Tip 7 - Wear Your Rocks With Meaning! 
My last tip, which for me is the most important advice that I can impart to you on your special day, is that whatever you choose to buy and wear as your pieces of jewellery on the defining day of your life, wear your rocks with deep and powerful meaning. Not to fit in, not to ‘keep it simple’, not to look like a princess, but to wear just one piece of jewellery - or more - that you deeply connect and resonate with. A piece that makes you feel in your power, where you are heading in life and a piece that makes you step into your Queen. Because that is what you are. A queen. Deserving of the best and a woman who knows her worth and who won’t settle for anything less than the best. 

Queens wore their rocks with meaning. Gemstones have been revered for years throughout history and donned to remind royalty of their inner strength, powers and dignity. I suggest you do the same. And choose a piece that is for You, which resonates with your soul, not just fashion. You are about to embark on the new and uncharted territory - what kind of precious or semi-precious gemstones to you want to take with you on that journey? One that speaks to your dress? Or one that speaks to your heart and your soul.

A ring for Matilda - 'Just because'. Inspired by the Healing Queen Ring from Regal Collection. Matilda carefully selected these stunning pink sapphire and Chrysoberyl gemstones on her travels in Sri Lanka. She came to me and we made her the ring of her dreams, just for her. A ring to mark her womanhood and her milestones. 

I know what gemstone I will be choosing. Feel free to contact me and ask why…

Go rock carving your own path on one of the biggest days of your life, Ladies! And trail-blaze for the rest of us to follow...

Much love to you all, 

Rosie. X