Green Amethyst Gemstone

Not many people have heard about green amethyst, most people automatically assume amethyst to only be a purple gemstone. However, you can also get amethyst in this stunning, soft, glistening green colour.


The history and mythology of Amethyst
A gemstone which got its name in ancient times from the belief that it helps to keep you sober. Or rather, drink as much you like - and you will not get too drunk and better still, you won’t suffer a hangover. If only this could be true!

The word comes from the Greek amethyein or amethystos meaning ‘not be drunk’. This stems from a Greek myth about a beautiful girl called Amethyst.

Girl (Amethyst) meets boy. Girl doesn’t fancy boy (Dionysius, the Greek god of wine and enjoyment), so boy kills her. Let’s call this ‘ghosting’ for now. I know, right? Talk about history repeating itself…yawn.

However - fear not! ‘Amethyst’ is saved by a goddess called Artemis who transforms her into a pure white crystal. Phew! Boy regrets his actions (aka boy comes back) and spills red wine onto the quartz crystal —hence the purple colour — thus creating ‘amethyst’. Lucky us, for Amethyst is one of my favourite gemstones to this day. 

How is Green Amethyst made ?
So how do we get green amethyst then? Let’s get down to some real facts. Green amethyst is made by careful heating of Brazilian amethyst. The heat treatment of amethyst between 470°C  and 750°C degrees may produce light yellow, red, brown, green or colourless varieties of stones. Et voilà, your beautiful green amethyst has been born. Due to its pale green colour, green amethyst is also known as prasiolite. A sightly less dramatic journey of its ‘becoming’ than our beloved purple amethyst, but still interesting none the less. 

Where does Amethyst come from ?
Amethyst are mined all over the world. We are very fortunate to have this glorious gemstone with wonderful healing properties in abundance. Amethyst is mined particularity in Africa, Sri Lanka and Borneo. Many amethysts come from India too.

Popular stone shapes of Amethyst
Amethyst are very popular in round or oval shapes. However, at Rosie Odette we are a huge fan of cushion cut gemstones. Contemporary, stylish and chic, as you can see in our regal collection — the Green Amethyst Queen Cocktail Ring — really looks exquisite. This is largely down to the style of the cushion cut green amethyst and and size of the stone. A whopping 14 carats for the wow factor. I had these specially cut to order for this design and only four are now available. A huge fan of rose gold, I personally think green amethyst sparkles her best against this colour metal. Yellow gold looks sensational too. White gold I feel drowns out the soft green hues.

Above, our Green Amethyst Queen Cocktail Ring from Regal Collection.

Amethyst anniversary and birthstone
Amethyst is a wonderful gemstone to celebrate a 6th wedding anniversary. Or to gift yourself ‘just because’.

It is also the birthstone of February. So this gemstone makes a wonderful gift for an Aquarian, like myself ! It is also a fab gemstone for zodiac signs:Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Above, our exquisite Amethyst Queen Cocktail Ring from Regal Collection. 

Healing properties of Amethyst
I am a huge fan of the energetic powers and healing properties of this gemstone. Here are a few of my notes from some my favourite crystal books: The Book Of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian and Love Is The Earth, A Kaleidoscope Of Crystals.

Green Amethyst Magic
Green amethyst strengthens peace and calm, and brings generosity, growth, health, happiness, harmony, stability, and fertility. Green is the colour of Nature and as such it helps relieving tensions and irritation. It symbolises self respect and wellbeing. Wearing green acts as a bridge between the solar plexus chakra (seat of the will), the heart chakra, and the third eye and crown chakras. This makes it ideal for integrating the body, mind, and spirit into a unified whole.

Green amethyst carries the same properties as purple amethyst. She brings energies of serenity and composure, and enhances your ability to manage all responsibilities, like a swan that glides on the surface of the water, yet paddling away beneath the surface.

Amethyst was once worn on the breast plates of High Priests and known as a 'stone of spirituality and contentment'. She is a wonderful facilitator to help you transform your lower energies into higher frequencies of both the spiritual and ethereal levels. A stone that represents the process of a complete metamorphosis, she is the butterfly of the gem world. She will encourage you to spread your wings into a glorious display of beauty from the darkness of your cocoon into full flight.

Amethyst is a gem with deep healing and cleansing powers and historically known to help free you from addictions to substances and people. She helps clear negative, intoxicating energies and behavioural patterns. By directing love to the amethyst, the energy is increased and returned to the wearer and helps clears away negative toxic behavioural patterns.

Amethyst Vibes
Chakras  -  Third Eye Chakra,  Crown Chakra
Birthstone  -  February
Zodiac  -  Virgo,  Sagittarius,  Capricorn,  Aquarius,  Pisces
Typical colours  - light violet to deep purple, green

Amethyst Healing
Spiritual awareness. Psychic abilities. Inner peace and healing. Healing of body, mind  and soul. Positive transformation. Meditation. Balance.

Amethyst Anniversary
6th wedding anniversaries