Here is all of my treasure that I have collected along the way from my magpie hunts in the Pink City, Jaipur.

What a burst of colour I have in my Rosie Odette treasure chest.

I cannot tell you just how much these precious and semi-precious gemstones make me happy. My heart bursts looking at them. What can I say? I love treasure. I must of been a pirate and a Queen in my past life. I would of loved the experience of both.

Each gemstone is patiently waiting to be found by their owner and transformed into a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Each of these gemstones has her own story, unique fire, lustre, sparkle, inclusions, imperfections, strength and power. Each is uniquely and individually beautiful. This how I see people. Like flawed gems. Or for want of a better word, ‘flawsome’.

Everyone has their own life story to tell and everyone has a unique beauty and strength because of it. My job is to tell your unique story through creating you not only beautiful jewellery but also a story of your own personal journey of empowerment.

I love making jewellery, using gemstones to inspire individuals to realise the beauty, brilliance and wonder of who they are and how they have lived. 

How you look at these glistening treasures of natural beauty, that’s how I want people to look at and embrace themselves.

Like treasure towers of imperfection. The inclusions in gemstones symbolise the joinery of life. Beautifully imperfect. Our scars, our wounds, is what makes us, us. The ‘whole’ of us.

Our flaws, shows the map of a life well travelled. A life of some wonderful and perhaps not so wonderful experiences, but that make us the glistening individuals that we could only become because of life experiences.

Each life is a precious treasure, no matter what. Each journey worth celebrating, worth loving, worth adoring. This is what Mother Nature created for us to enjoy. We are part of this creation.

Celebrate yourself. Love yourself. Rate yourself. Just as you are. Just like these gemstones. 

Authentic and perfectly imperfect.

Rosie Odette. X